BTS won't be on a hiatus, it was a misunderstanding BTS won't be on a hiatus, it was a misunderstanding

Was BTS' hiatus a misunderstanding? This is what HYBE says about it

HYBE says that BTS won't be on hiatus, what is the status of the group then? Here's the company's statement

It seems that everything was a terrible misunderstanding, BTS will not be on hiatus and this returns the tranquility of ARMY who cried for this 'separation' of the idol group.

After a successful comeback with 'Proof' and celebrating '2022 FESTA', BTS shared a dinner with ARMY through VLive. This live broadcast had a lot of very emotional moments and one of them really left fans extremely sad. For a while now, fans have theorized that Bangtan was saying goodbye.

Whether it was his enlistment in the military or BTS disbanding, a lot of fans believed that this was truly goodbye. And the prophecy was somehow fulfilled as during the aforementioned VLive the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan mentioned the hiatus and that they would focus on their solo musical careers. The whole world knew about the temporary separation of the group.

ARMY was a true sea of tears, although the mood tried not to decline, the fans of the Bangtan Boys wrote letters of thanks to the group and promised never to leave them. That they would have the full support of their fandom even in their solo works. What would they expect to see them together again as a group.

But in reality, it seems that everything was a misunderstanding and there will be no hiatus, WHAT? HYBE talked about the true situation of the idol group. Maybe it was a translation problem that generated a lot of trends online with 'BTS hiatus'.

BTS won't be on hiatus, they will simply combine their individual and group activities according to HYBE

After seeing the impact of 'BTS hiatus', HYBE came to clarify everything. First with K-Media, Bangtan's agency said that there was never really such a thing as a hiatus that what will happen is that the idols' activities will expand and combine their individual and group activities. Later, HYBE contacted their employees to clarify the situation as well.

BTS is not considering disbanding at all, and they are not even in the process of doing so (...) They are going to expand the scope of their activities in more diverse ways by combining group activities with individual ones for their own maturity and growth in the future. future

BTS won't be on a hiatus | Twitter: @btsgaveme2wings

 So now you know, the members of BTS will not be going their separate ways, they will still be together but will give more importance to their solo projects for now.

These are the solo projects that BTS members have announced

ARMY already knows what will be the solo projects that BTS will have soon, here we have the list of what the idols have mentioned that they will do soon.

BTS members have these plans for the future | Twitter: @jmygmochis

So ARMY will continue to support BTS with their group and solo work, there is still a lot to see from this amazing idol group.

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