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V's powerful message against creepy stalkers!

What caused BTS member V to finally snap at his stalkers? Being a star in the world's biggest group has its pros and cons! While he enjoys luxury and attention, nobody likes their private space being invaded. What did the singer have to say about being followed by strangers? Read below to find out!

  • At Incheon Airport in September 2018, V once followed around a group of stalkers angrily to shoo them away.
  • Big Hit Entertainment has blacklisted the names of fans who stalk BTS. 
  • In a letter to the fans in September 2018, the singer begged fans to stop invading their privacy.
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Would you like it if someone was obsessed with every detail about your life? Many people dream of being famous, but it's not always fun! As a K-pop idol, you have to comply with strict rules by your label and worry about stalkers. 

For BTS members, the stalker fans are on another level. They even track the family members of the band, which could easily escalate from creepy to dangerous. So, How are they dealt with?

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'I should say on the group's behalf, please do not follow us on flights', the idol requested during a live-stream.

In December 2019, while boarding a flight in Seoul, BTS was mobbed by fangirls. V noticed that some stalker fans boarded the same plane too. Isn't that scary? 

After reaching the hotel in Malaysia, the star did a video stream on VLIVE. He was upset at the terrifying experience he and his group members faced! You can watch the full clipping here.

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The worldwide famous singer also encouraged fans to find good hobbies to pass time. Liking and supporting music groups is fine, but the limit should not be crossed. BTS' label called 'Big Hit Entertainment' has blacklisted the names of stalkers from entering concerts or fan sign events.

Though this approach is harsh, it is a necessary step to take. V even wrote a letter to stalker fans begging to be left alone. How sad is that? Click here to read more on it. 


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It is upsetting to see that V had to beg to be left alone. This shows that a lot of people get carried away by fan culture. There should be a balance between liking music and stalking people for fun. Did V do the right thing by giving these stalkers' attention? Comment below! 

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