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V's funniest responses to his fans on social media

Is V the most entertaining member of BTS? All 7 members are known to be very funny, but he sure takes the crown! The singer is known as the mood-maker in BTS! What are the 3 funniest interactions he has had with fans? Read below to find out!

  • V debuted under BigHit Entertainment on June 3rd, 2013.
  • Fans celebrated his birthday on December 30, 2020, by lighting up the Burj Khalifa with his name.
  • Out of all the members, he uses a platform called 'Weverse' the most to make witty jokes with the fans. V frequently comes online on Fridays and Sundays! 

1. Replying to a fan's husband

BTS V in a concert in Malaysia

On May 6th, 2020, a Korean fan wrote a post on Weverse . In that post, she stated that she loves V more than her husband. That's so funny, isn't it? The star's response was funnier when he found out the husband was jealous of him. He replied teasingly with 'husband-nim' and a few playful emojis. 

The post went viral as fans shared a good laugh. I hope the couple is happy with his hilarious response. 

2. Getting a fan suspended!

V performing in Seoul

V is known as the 'King of Duality' in BTS. Of course, fans are going to comment on it too. One fan compared him making a funny face to a pretty selfie. The fan mocked lightly saying 'Is this the same person?'. The singer saw this and wrote 'Please suspend this user for 3 days'.

Korean fans seemed to enjoy this response the most. Do you think he was seriously offended? I think it was all fun and games!

3. A flirty response 

V flirting with a fan

A fan from Canada tried communicating by using Google translator. For the post, she left a song recommendation for V! How sweet is that? It was a song by the Italian singer Gino Paoli. Listen to the track here. The star was very happy with the fan's pick! He showed appreciation by replying 'You know exactly what I like!' 

This supposedly flirty response caused the fan base to panic. Do you think his response was a clever one? 


V at a concert

It's lovely to see idols mess around with their fans. This allows everyone to enjoy a nice bond. Jin got an award for being the best Weverse user. Do you think V will get an award next for his funny responses? Comment below!

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