The best letter from Taehyung to Jungkook The best letter from Taehyung to Jungkook

V recited a sweet letter to Jungkook that ARMY will never forget

Taehyung and Jungkook have a great friendship and once V gave all his feelings to JK in a beautiful letter

It is well known that BTS is not just a K-Pop group, it has become a big family and V and Jungkook have a very special relationship. We can't get over this cute letter Taehyung recited to his partner with the sweetest words.

After spending more than 9 years together, the members of BTS have formed very strong and beautiful bonds. It is obvious that this K-Pop group has become a whole family, everyone shows their great support and affection at all times and it is something that ARMY loves to see over time.

One of the most beautiful relationships that we have seen between the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan is that of Taehyung and Jungkook, both are part of the maknae line despite the fact that Tae is two years older than JK. But it seems that both of them have built their own world and have great trust and love for each other.

V and JK make the ARMY's heart race with every interaction, but we know very well that their moments are real and pure and that their friendship goes beyond the fanservice they can offer to their great fandom. There are moments that let us see the true feelings of both idols.

Like that time Taehyung let Jungkook see the cutest of his feelings in a beautiful letter, what did he say in this one? V recited his content so that his friend could hear it.

The beautiful letter that Taehyung gave Jungkook, we can't get over it

Taehyung once recited some sweet words to Jungkook, they are a beautiful letter that the idol gave to his groupmate. This one has a lot of nice words, his wishes for the future and thanks not only as a co-worker, but also as a friend. She was very cute and it is something that ARMY has in their hearts and can never get over.

This beautiful message that Taehyung left for V has passed into the memory of many fans and it shows the beautiful feelings that Taehyung has. BTS idols really love each other and this is a great example of it.+

All the members of BTS expressed their best wishes and nice messages in these letters

Not only did Jungkook and Taehyung share a cheesy moment during this dynamic, all of BTS expressed their affection and nice messages between their members as special content for the 2021 Winter Package. Maybe some things have changed since then, but the love, admiration and respect that these idols have not changed.


We adore all the love that BTS has for each other, no matter if they feel a little cringe about their feelings, we know that they really have a lot of love, admiration, respect and more since they are not only colleagues or friends, they are a great family.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members like Jungkook who responds to ARMY who blames for not havin a boyfriend.

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