Kim Taehyung looking ravishing in black hair!

V from BTS is caught by fans riding the subway!

Can you picture seeing one of the most famous singers in the world on your way to work or school? Let's say it wasn't the first time Kim Taehyung took the subway. The K-pop artist loves to use public transport. His subway trip became so famous among his fans that it trended on Daum Entertainment for 3 weeks. Scroll down to know how he stayed so low-key during the whole ride!

  • Taehyung's popularity amongst his fans helped him earn a net worth of $20 million.
  • Being the brand ambassador of Fila and Samsung makes him a prominent public figure. 
  • V has a loving relationship with his fandom called the 'Army'. 

1) Taehyung's popularity

V rocking a fur coat!

The talented K-pop idol is quite popular amongst the fans as he has many fan accounts on twitter as well as Instagram. It's impossible for him to not get surrounded by mobs of people within seconds. It's shocking how he'd risk riding the Subway all by himself.  

He's popular for different things but being a part of BTS tops it all. The star being nominated for a Grammy Award last year set new records in the K-pop industry. Fans would love to see him win many more awards this year as well!

2) His attire for the ride 

V rocking a polyester cap!

V donned an olive green parachute jacket, which covered most of his body. His face was covered with a white surgical mask. To top it all, he wore a hat that was made with recycled polyester. 
Even with this much accessory on, ARMYs would've recognized him in a heartbeat. 

3) Fans' reaction

Kim Taehyung riding the Subway!

His fans couldn't believe that he would use public transport, let alone all by himself. They obsessed over the possibility of actually sitting next to Kim Taehyung. We wonder how people near him were so calm and collected!

All things aside, V was actually happy to experience a subway ride without getting mobbed. The busy and hectic life of the K-pop stars demand such little getaways, minus the spotlight. We hope other BTS members would also enjoy such small but happy moments like this. Do you think stars miss the small things that they could experience before they rose to stardom? Let us know in the comments below!

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