Suran and Heize Suran and Heize

Underrated Korean female soloists that everyone needs to know

Are you looking for new music artists? Here are some of the best Korean female singers that are not Idols.

We all love K-Pop music. Here we can find super talented artists that are dominating the global charts. Their catchy singles were created to make everyone dance. These singers are powerful performers as well.

However, as you may know, not all K-Pop Idols have creative freedom. Also, this strict system has many serious issues. Not all Korean artists want to be part of the Hallyu wave. Anyways, their talent is amazing as well.

It's time to explore the careers of these underrated singers. Today we are introducing some of the greatest Korean soloists in the industry. Almost all the ladies on this list started their careers in the underground world.

Nowadays, they are very popular in Korea. Let's bit honest, they have international fans as well, but they deserve even more recognition. They are skillful songwriters, vocalists, and musicians. You are gonna love them

Korean female singers that you have to know

Suran is actually pretty famous. Her voice is sweet and strong at the same time. Also, we have to talk about her unique indie-pop. Her discography is amazing, you should check it right now.


We are infornt of a super talented songwriter. Usually, her lyrics are beautiful, just as much as her melodies.


For sure you already have listened to Punch. This talented lady is an OST master. She has recorded iconic songs for our favorite K-Dramas as "Stay With Me" for "Goblin".

BOL4 used to be a duet. Now Woo Ji Young is working as a soloist but with the same name.

Heize has the best collaboration in the town. Is impossible not to fall in love with her unique voice. Turn up the volume!

Among these talented singers, who is your favorite?

BTS has very interesting music videos with unique messages, these are the best ones of its career.

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