UNESCO and SEVENTEEN announce 'GoingTogether', what is this campaign about?

SEVENTEEN is the new ambassador of UNESCO. The K-Pop group announces the global campaign "GoingTogether".

SEVENTEEN is unstoble! The K-Pop sensation is breaking tons of records every single day. Its most recent album "Sector 17" debuted at No.4 on the prestigious chart Billaboart 200 Albums. Congratulation to the members!

That's is not all, the singers of "Rock With You" are getting ready to rock the stages all over the world with the tour "Be The Sun". The second best-selling Korean music act is on its way to conquering the global industry.

SEVENTEEN members / Twitter @pledis_17

The group is also well known for its kind and fun members. These talented artists are using their massive popularity to support good causes. UNESCO has revealed a giant campaign in collaboration with the 13 Idols.

UNESCO and SEVENTEEN launch the campaign 'GoingTogether'

On August 2dn (KST) UNESCO announces the begging of the campaign "GoingTogether". SEVENTEEN is the global ambassador of this project. According to the Korean National Commission, the purpose is:

To raise awareness of the importance of education and to think about the future direction education should take.

SEVENTEEN with Korean UNESCO General Secretary / Twitter @unescokr_eng

After donating to UNESCO, SEVENTEEN received a sponsorship certificate from the global organization. UNESCO also revealed that the member will expand the donations. Some profits from the Be The Sun tour will be dedicated to supporting children's education.

SEVENTEEN certificate from UNESCO / Twitter @unescokr_eng

This collaboration is trying to encourage the participation of people of the youngest generations. It is already working. CARAT is very happy to hear the good news. Tons of fanatics are praising the project.

The member attended the Korean UNESCO building to sign this partnership. All of them seemed really excited. These goos-looking singers already have a positive influence, and now is even better.

Read here more about the new SEVENTEEN records on Billboard.

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