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Trolls target Jimin as he opens up about his eating habits!

The BTS singer is making news for all the wrong reasons! It is common for celebrities to talk about their diet plans, but when Jimin talked about his, internet trolls took over social media to make sure he hears them loud and clear. Read below to see the reason why Park Jimin's name is trending on Twitter!

  • Back in 2017, Jimin opened up about his 10 kg weight loss journey on 'please take care of my refrigerator', a South Korean cooking show.
  • K-pop stars tend to follow the Jimin Diet, named after the singer, where they eat one meal a day for almost 10 consecutive days. 
  • The 25-year-old BTS member loves to eat fruits, meat, and stew, along with kimchi. 
Jimin enjoying a hot bowl of ramen noodles

Just when you thought you’d welcome 2021 on a positive note, internet trolls strike against your favorite person in the world. Yes, I am talking about our sweet boy Jimin. Fans posted thousands of tweets with the hashtag 'JiminDeservesBetter', but why? 

Jimin performing live at BTS' concert. Source: Getty Images

Celebrities get asked about their workout routines and diet plans all the time. In the case of Park Jimin, things went south for the singer when he opened up about his eating habits. 

Jimin striking a cute pose for the camera

In an interview, Mochi talked about how he would go to extreme lengths when managing his diet. Sometimes even days without eating. Well, without even giving him a chance to explain his statement, trolls started directing hateful and threatening comments towards the singer on the internet. 

Mochi at the fact music awards with the band. Source: Getty Images

Such a turn of events only makes you realize how apathetic people are online. They take any chance they get to put down others, which is so saddening. The world is already going through a tough time due to the pandemic, the last thing we want is to make it worse for the people who have dedicated their lives to entertain us with their talent. 

Jimin melting our hearts with his smile

Jimin, for sure, deserves better, and he has his army to back him against his fight with the internet trolls. Am I right, fellas? Jimin released a song called Christmas Love, and even though we're in a new year spirit right now, I believe a little 'Christmas love' is exactly what these trolls need to get rid of this hatred in them. Enjoy the music below!

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