Top 5 Tsundere Moments of BTS's Suga

Top 5 Tsundere Moments of BTS's Suga

We all love a good Tsundere character, don't we? It's universally known that a certain member of the successful K-Pop boy group BTS acts tough and cold on the outside but is actually a cinnamon roll on the inside.  Scroll down to see some of  Suga's best Tsundere moments!

  • Suga's real name is Min Yoongi
  • He has an estimated net worth of $23-25 million
  • He's the second-oldest member of BTS 
  • He had an arm surgery last year and wasn't able to participate in BTS's activities for a while

5) When he hands V and J-Hope his water bottle without looking at them

Suga shared his water bottle with both Taeyhung and J-Hope when they made it pretty clear that they were thirsty - However, being the Tsundere that Suga is he didn't spare them a glance. We still know that you cared!

Baby-faced Suga handing V his water bottle
"Whatever, just take it." - Suga, probably

4) Jimin visiting him on the set of his music video for "Daechwita"

A big surprise moment happened for Suga when Jimin visited him on the set for his "Daechwita" music video. Suga later confessed that although he didn't show it, he was very happy and felt calm. 

Just accept the compliment for once!

3) All BTS members saying "I love you" and Suga feeling embarrassed about it

BTS had a little get-together in order to play a game where each member says a sentence and the others must guess who that member wants to hear it from. And, as you can guess, things got a little...uncomfortable for our beloved Tsundere. See his reaction below.

He just can't handle it (Source:

2) V visiting him on his birthday during a live video

Taeyhung suddenly showed up during one of Suga's live videos. Yoongi didn't seem to be very happy about it when it was actually the opposite. Taeyhung then proceeded to make him say "I love you" and left. How precious is that?!

The poor boy is clearly suffering...(Source: flowerstaegi Twitter)

1) V telling everyone about that time Suga texted him

"I love you"

It will never not be funny: That time Taeyhung told his co-members about receiving a text from Suga, what it said and how surprised he was. Suga kept screaming "Don't say it!" in embarrassment. The others then proclaimed that they had never gotten a text from Suga that contained more than five words. 

One way to cope with embarrassment: Scream (Source: milktae_jpg Twitter)


Taeyhung face-palming Suga

Watch the hilarious video of Suga's best tsundere moments here!

And check out the video below for more Suga related content on our YouTube channel.

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