Blackpink on the cover of Cosmopolitan Korea 2018

Top 5 Blackpink magazine covers

Since their debut in 2017, the girl group has been featured on numerous high-profile fashion magazine covers like Vogue Korea and Elle USA. Here’s our ranking of which 5 covers we think have been their best! Check out the list below!

  • Elle USA wrote, “Rosé, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa are going to set the standard for the new girl group in America”.
  • The Blackpink members each have their own brand ambassador deals: Lisa with Celine, Rose with Yves Saint Laurent, Jisoo with Dior and Jennie with Chanel.
  • As of 2021, they’re the only k-pop girl group to have two covers on Vogue Korea.

5) Marie Claire

Blackpink's Marie Claire Cover

We’re starting off with this special Marie Claire Korea cover, which Blackpink graced for the magazine’s 25th anniversary. There’s definitely a youthful vibe to this cover, and the casual posing, minimal makeup, lace, frills, and prints lend a fresh feel to them.

 4) Elle USA

Blackpink's Elle USA cover

In their interview for the magazine Elle USA wrote that “Rosé, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa are going to set the standard for the new girl group in America”. They’re decked in brands: Dior, Celina, Bulgari, and Chanel, all brands that the girls have gone on to become ambassadors for! Notice how despite each of them wearing similar outfits, their hairstyles and distinct looks give them an individual presence on the cover.

3) Cosmopolitan Korea 2018

Blackpink's Cosmopolitan Korea 2018 Cover

The girl group has an impressive range when it comes to showing off different styles, and Blackpink’s outfits on this glamorous cover are classy and chic. Their shimmering white outfits are a statement on their own and just scream ‘powerful women’. 

2) Billboard

Blackpink's 2019 Billboard cover

Do we even need to emphasize what a huge deal this was? When Blackpink debuted at Coachella in 2019 as the first-ever k-pop girl group to perform there, they basically reached new heights for the k-pop industry. This Billboard cover is a testament to that: the colorful outfits, the pink cover, are definitely giving off an all-American girl vibe while staying true to their origins.

1) VOGUE Korea 

Blackpink cover for Vogue Korea

We love anytime Blackpink features in Vogue Korea, which is undoubtedly the leading magazine, this shoot was iconic for a number of reasons. First of all, can we just talk about the concept?! It’s dreamy, the contrast between the dark and soft lighting plays to both the ‘black’ and ‘pink’ sides of the group, and the outfits are a fresh change from the usual monochrome that they do (which we love, don’t get us wrong!).

BONUS COVER: For nostalgia’s sake, we’re throwing in Blackpink’s very first magazine cover shoot for 1st LOOK magazine. It’s amazing to see how much their looks and individual styles have evolved since then! 

Blackpink cover for 1st look magazine

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