Blackpink dancing in 'How you like that' MV Blackpink dancing in 'How you like that' MV

The 5 best female dancers in K-pop

Lisa from 'Blackpink', Seulgi from 'Red Velvet', Momo from 'Twice',  Yeji from 'ITZY' and Chaeyeon from 'IZ*ONE' made the list. Who is going to win? Check out what In Ji Woong, the famous K-Pop idol trainer, has to say about it. Check out the winners below!  

  • Blackpink's 'Kill this Love' became the fastest K-pop music video to reach 1.3 billion views thanks to their dance routines.
  • After our list about the 3 best male dancers in K-Pop, it's time for the ladies.

5) Seulgi from Red Velvet

Selugi from Red Velvet

Main dancer and lead vocalist from Red Velvet, Seulgi proves herself a force to be reckoned with. A soulful voice, good looks, and killer dance moves, it should not be a surprise Seulgi earned a spot on our list. I mean- look at her!


She is so expressive with her moves! And that is not all! Don't even get me started on her dance with Irene in "Naughty."  This type of dance is called, 'tutting' which requires sharp precision and control to make complex geometric shapes with the body.

4) Yeji from ITZY

Yeji performing live

She may be a sweetheart in her interviews, but when she is on stage, the dancer is a beast. Look at her face! If this doesn't scream stage presence, I don't know what does.  Girl knows what she is doing. Can you imagine anyone dancing so energetically and sing in a stable voice? 

3) Momo from Twice

K-pop star Momo

Now we have twice's main dancer, Miss Momo!  Need I say more. Her moves are sharp like a knife, and at the same time, flow like water from one to another. Momo has been dancing since she was 3, so it's not surprising to see her smash the stage with her incredible talent. A hard-working, talented queen.

2) Chaeyeon from IZ*ONE

K-pop star Chaeyeon

Sweet vocals? Check. Can rap? Check. Can dance? Heck yeah! The main dancer of hit group IZ*ONE makes our head reel with how fluid and energetic her moves are. She wasn't named  'artist of the month' for nothing! To top it off, her equally talented sister Chaeryeong is in the girl group ITZY, and they've performed together too! What can I say? Talent runs in the family.

1) Lisa from Blackpink

Lisa Manoban of Blackpink

Drum roll for our #1, please. Lalisa herself from Blackpink, the best dancer in your area. Her sharp, fluid moves, perfect stage presence, the way she moves to the rhythm all hail the dancing queen.The following video lives rent-free in my head. Do you agree with our list? Are there any more dancers that deserve the spotlight? Let us know in the comments! Check out our 3 best male dancers below!


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