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Top 3 songs from Blackpink's album that will blow you away!

Blackpink released their debut album called 'The Album' on October 2nd, 2020. The group has covered various genres from pop to EDM and even ballads. Blackpink even collaborated with famous US artist Cardi B and Lady Gaga for their debut album! Read more below to see which 3 tracks you should definitely listen to!  

  • Blackpink's debut album has sold 1.2 million copies worldwide. The album has 8 tracks in total. 
  • The 4 girls debuted on August 8th, 2020, under the company YG Entertainment. 
  • Jisoo and Jennie took part in the songwriting process of their hit track 'Lovesick Girls'. 

1. Bet You Wanna (feat Cardi B)

Blackpink and Cardi B teaser

Yes, you read that right! Blackpink has a track with Cardi B on their debut album. Can you believe it? The genre of the song is pop, and it is carried beautifully by Cardi's rap. Isn't this just the best combination of K-pop and Western Pop legends?

I bet other celebrities are jealous that they don't have a song this catchy. Listen to it here!

2. You Never Know

Blackpink for Olens

A great thing about Blackpink is how diverse their music can actually be! These girls can do pop dance anthems and can also do soulful ballads. You Never Know is a nostalgic ballad that uncovers the hardships of being a singer in the K-pop industry.

Sounds very deep, doesn't it? Click here to listen to it!

3. Pretty Savage

Blackpink for Kill This Love album photoshoot

The Blackpink girls smashed the stage for the performance of this sidetrack. This energetic song with powerful choreography and great vocals will have you dancing along! Pretty Savage is easily one of my favorite tracks on the album.

I wish they made more songs like this! Listen to Pretty Savage here!


Everyone has heard of Blackpink's most famous tracks 'DDU DU DDU DU' and 'Boombayah'. However, it's time to focus more on how amazing their discography is. Which is your favorite song from The Album? Let us know in the comments below! 

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