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Top 3 solo songs by Jin that you need to hear!

What makes BTS’ music so unique and addictive? The reason why their songs have a great kick is because of Jin's beautiful voice. The immensely talented singer has 3 amazing solo tracks. A song is more meaningful when an artist writes the lyrics for it. Don't you think? Check out which 3 songs by Jin won the hearts of fans all around the world!

  • Jin has songwriting credits for all 3 of his solo tracks. He also wrote the lyrics for the latest album 'BE'.
  • Apart from his melodious voice, the singer also has a degree in acting from Konkuk University.
  • His favorite song to perform in concerts is 'Mic Drop'. 
  • The 'Worldwide Handsome' star has the widest vocal range in BTS. He can sing 3 octaves.

1. Awake (2016)

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This emotional ballad was released on October 10th, 2016. Jin's powerful vocals and the acoustic guitar carry this song beautifully. He really has the best voice in the group, don't you think? It is the ninth track of the album called 'Wings'.

This song remains the only BTS track to peak at number 1 in the Billboard 'Trending 140' list! Isn't that amazing? Click here to listen to this fantastic song!

2. Epiphany (2018)

Jin for Love Yourself Album

This track allowed Jin to show off his strong melodious vocals and acting skills too! The star in the music video walked dramatically on the sidewalk drenched in rain. The genre of this song follows a mix of ballad and soft rock.

'Epiphany' peaked at number 5 on Billboard's 'K-pop's Hot 100 list'. Wow, every solo song released by him achieves great success! Listen to the track here!

3. Moon (2020)

Jin teaser for BTS album

'It shows the perspective of the Moon while it is viewing the Earth', the global star told Vogue Magazine.

As compared to 'Awake' and 'Epiphany' this track is a very bright one! Jin loves it the most out of his solo tracks too. The reason why the fans love it so much is because the singer especially dedicated this song to his fans called 'ARMYs'. Isn't he just the sweetest?

Fans showed their love back by making the song a number 1 hit in 109 countries! I truly believe that the ARMY's are the coolest fan base. Don't you? Click here to listen to 'Moon'. 


Jin concept teaser

I'm delighted to see that Jin has creative freedom for writing and producing. It is one of the key factors of being a good musician. My favorite solo track is 'Moon'. I hope we can see Jin release more songs in the future. What genre do you think he should do next? Comment below!

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