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Top 3 scandalous lines of BTS members

Trying to find dirt on the BTS boys? Not possible! The most scandalous lines said by the Bangtan Boys are mostly them joking around or being misunderstood. Each member's unique personality shines through the things they say. We've prepared a list of things the BTS boys have said that may sound like fake subtitles. Curious to find what these are? Scroll down for the reveal!

  • The 28-year-old singer and oldest member, Jin, is known for his shameless sense of humor. He confidently talks about his handsome face.
  •  Debuted in 2013, BTS members have spent more than 7 years together, so they're comfortable talking nonsense around each other.
  • The 5'10" tall member Park Jimin is known as the hottest member in the group. He is often called so for the way he dresses.

1. Jimin dresses in order to undress 

Jimin showing his shoulder in the concept photo for BE

Lately, Jimin's bandmates have been calling him out for his unique way of dressing. We all realized what it meant when we saw Jimin's concept photos for BE. His top was sliding off his shoulder, and it was all intentional. RM said during the comeback Vlive that Jimin has been showing a lot of skin when he dresses up.

The members also called him out for undressing a lot in the serendipity performance they watched together in 'Break the silence: the movie'. To our surprise, Jimin didn't shy away. Instead, he said, 'Me? I can even do it undressed.' Jimin's got some guts for saying that.

BTS calling out Jimin for the way he dresses

K-Pop artists don't usually like showing their skin. We are happy to know that Jimin is confident about his appearance. Check out the whole clip here. 

2. I wish I could come here with my girlfriend-Jin

Jin laughing at his own joke

The worldwide handsome guy, Kim Seok Jin thought it was the perfect moment to reveal something secretive on a pleasant day at a beautiful place. He said he wished to visit the place with his girlfriend. Did he find it perfect for a date spot?  Not even a second later, he laughed and said, 'But I don't have one!'

Jin can be the only one breaking hearts and giving hope to fans at the same time. The only thing he revealed was that he is hilarious. Check out this goofy clip below!

3. I want to be a dad-RM

RM during Life Goes On shoot

There's only one member in BTS who fans still think might be hiding his marriage. RM has often said things that can be misunderstood if the context isn't given. Remember when he said, 'his 'child' had mastered the Korean alphabet at the age of 4'. Don't misunderstand! Check out the video here for context.

RM revealing his wish to be a dad

RM revealed that he wanted to be a dad when he was young. We think that's just a pure wish. However, some fans have theories to prove otherwise. Army has claimed to have seen RM hide a possible wedding ring? His baby shoe collection seems to be growing, and he's often addressed by the members as a father.

We just think his wish is purely innocent. However, the fans are suspicious. Check out this article for details regarding his marriage. 
These aren't really the most scandalous things the boys have said. They just seem to be a joke that can be misinterpreted. BTS boys are definitely the cleanest artist to have been popular in the US.
Check out Jimin's 'Serendipity performance below!

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