Youngheun, the best leader of Black Swan photo shoot 2021  Youngheun, the best leader of Black Swan photo shoot 2021

Top 3 reasons why Youngheun is the best leader of Black Swan

In the K-pop world, one person is assigned the role of the leader at debut. The 4 Black Swan idols Youngheun, Leia, Fatou, and Judy revealed that they all play the role of the leader but the question is who is the best? Read more below to see why Youngheun is the best fit! 

  • Black Swan is a four member girl group formed in 2019.
  • The members Youngheun, Leia, Fatou, and Judy made their debut in October 2020 with their hit single 'TONIGHT' from their album, 'Goodbye Rania'.
  • Youngheun is the leader of the group and used to be in the groups 'Stellar' (2017-2018) and 'Rania' (2019-2020).

1) Guidance

Black Swan members before their live performance

During live performances, Youngheun is clearly taking the lead and organizing the choreographies, as well as interacting with the fans. She has a strong personality that encourages the other three members to give their best.

2) Looks after the group members

Black Swan members for a photoshoot

Youngheun is the oldest trainee and she has experience interacting with K-Pop fans. She never stops smiling and looks out after other group members when she feels that they are not comfortable in public. 

3) Is the public speaker of the group

 Youngheun, the best leader of Black Swan

During press conferences, openings and closings of their live performances, she steps out to take the microphone and speak with the crowd or with K-Pop journalists. Extra detail: She also is in the center during the choreographies in music videos like 'Tonight'. 


 Youngheun, the best leader of Black Swan

In my opinion, this is why  Youngheun makes such a great leader and role model. Everyone from the members, to the fans and staff of shows she's worked on absolutely loves her. Do you think Youngheun is a good fit for the leader position? Comment your views below. 

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