Top 3 reasons why V is called the 'Savage King' by his fans!

BTS has its own fan Twitter called Weverse. They communicate with their fans, the Army, through this site. Sometimes their interactions are adorable, and sometimes they are pure comedy. Read below three moments where V's interaction with Army proved he is the king of Savage. 

  • The 23-year-old singer has the most famous dog in the group.
  • 5'10" tall V is credited for the most #1s in iTunes history for his somg Sweet Night.
  • BTS will release their new album BE on 20 November 2020. 
  • The Bangton boy has a net worth of $20 million
V during ON music video

V has earned a Weverse award for being the most active member. He loves interacting with the Army. Sometimes Armys try to mess with the boys, but they always have a reply. 

1. A fan asked V to get married to them

V's reply to Army

That request sounds unrealistic to us. Army often ends up crossing the line. V did not hesitate to put them back in their position. He simply replied, 'No!' Isn't that pure savagery? Taehyung knows how to put people in their deserving places. 

2. Army asked if the wings in the photo were real

An Army asked V if the wings he wore in the Map of the Soul:7 concept photos were real? Of course, they weren't real wings. V couldn't just let it slide like that, so he replied, 'Why would they be real?' and then 'Think a little more.' That's a subtle way to call someone stupid.  

Taehyung proved yet again that he is the ultimate savage person. 

3. An Army asked at what percent should they charge their phone.

We're sure you can tell by now that V is not a fan of such questions. He savagely replied, 'Aren't you at an age to decide this yourself?' That Army must have been in a sad mood after that. Imagine getting noticed by V of BTS just to be insulted. 

These were just a few moments where V proved he knows the art of savagery. Honestly, we found them funny. What about you? BTS and Army together can be chaotic, and we find that hilarious. The savage singer has a great voice too, check out his song Winter Bear below!  

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