Top 3 reasons why Jisoo makes the best leader in Blackpink!

Top 3 reasons why Jisoo makes the best leader in Blackpink!

In the K-pop world one person is assigned the role of the leader at debut. How come the most popular girl group in the world does not have one? The 4 Blackpink girls revealed that they all play the role of the leader but the question is who is the best? Read more below to see why Jisoo is the best fit!   

  • Jisoo is the oldest member of Blackpink and her age is 25 years old.
  • She is known for her giving her juniors the best advice!
  • As the star is loved by fans and crew both, her Instagram now has 33 million followers. 
  • Her K-drama called 'Snowdrop' will air in March 2021 on JTBC. 

1. Always steps forward to give speeches

Jisoo giving the acceptance speech at Melon Music Awards

Public speaking is one of the biggest fears in the world but Jisoo tackles it with ease. During 2016 when Blackpink freshly debuted, it was Jisoo who always gave the speeches at award ceremonies. Widely loved by the Korean audience, Jisoo does exceptionally well on reality programs. It's no secret that she's a social butterfly and is friends with many idols such as Red Velvet's Seulgi, Jessi and WJSN's Bona.  

2. Looks after the group members

Jisoo and the girls promoting Samsung

In interviews, the girls of Blackpink have expressed how Jisoo is always taking care of them. Lisa stated that when she newly shifted to Korea, Jisoo helped her learn the language. When Jennie debuted as a soloist with her single 'Solo', Jisoo was at the music show recording at 6am with her. Rose is a member that cries easily and Jisoo is always there to wipe her tears. Isn't their bond simply adorable?

3. Interacts with fans on various platforms

Jisoo interacting with fans from the car window

In 2017, after releasing their song As If It's Your Last, Blackpink went on a year-long hiatus. During that crucial wait, Jisoo was the sole member of Blackpink who took it upon herself to maintain a bond with her fans. After her MC job at SBS Inkigayo, she stayed to talk to fans through the car window. Later, she would go online on VLIVE to video call fans at midnight! Have you ever seen a celebrity this genuinely concerned about her fans?


Jisoo in the cover of the album

In my opinion, this is why Jisoo makes such a great leader and role model. Everyone from the members, to the fans and staff of shows she's worked on absolutely loves her. Jisoo is an all-rounder, I admire the way she carries herself. Do you think Jisoo is a good fit for the leader position? Comment your views below. 


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