MONSTA X JooHoney and I.M. teaser photo for the album FANTASIA X MONSTA X JooHoney and I.M. teaser photo for the album FANTASIA X

Top 3 most powerful male rap duos in K-pop

No K-pop song is complete without powerful rap parts, as they add the right amount of energy to the songs. Big Bang’s G-Dragon and TOP have become popular worldwide but there are more are powerful rap duos in the K-pop industry that you need to know! We’ve compiled a list of the most incredible ones. Keep reading to find out who they are!

  • Fans gave Suga and J-Hope’s duo the nickname ‘SOPE’.
  • G-Dragon and TOP made the concept of ‘two-tone rapping’ popular in Korea.
  • I.M. and JooHoney are the only rappers of MONSTA X.

1) Suga and J-Hope from BTS

Suga and J-Hope at the KBS Song Festival 2019

All three rappers of BTS are remarkable, but the dynamics between Suga and J-Hope are beyond comparison. Even though the two have different rap styles - Suga is generally faster and more aggressive, while J-Hope focuses more on rhythm - they go together perfectly. And their chemistry isn't only limited to the stage. The two stars are very good friends. In fact, they're so close that fans affectionately call them 'SOPE'.

2) G-Dragon and TOP from Big Bang

G-Dragon and TOP at Big Bang's Big Show in 2011

As the most famous 2nd generation idols, we can't leave these two Big Bang members out of this list. They're the only rappers in their group and their stage presence is incredible. And what's more: G-Dragon's voice pitch is naturally higher, while TOP has a deeper voice. This contrast makes their rap even more fascinating. In fact, they are the ones who almost single-handedly made two-tone rapping popular in Korea in the first place. 

3) JooHoney and I.M. from Monsta X

I.M. and JooHoney's teaser images for MONSTA X's album 'Fantasia X'

If you want an example of JooHoney and I.M.'s chemistry, listen to MONSTA X's DRAMARAMA, in which Jooheon's rap break is right before I.M.'s. You’ll see why we’ve put them on this list. They are also two-tone rappers. I.M. raps with a powerful, deep voice, and JooHoney raps higher-pitched parts lightning fast. The two make a formidable duo on stage.

Who else do you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments! And do check out this video before you go:

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