Top 3 most followed K-pop bands on Instagram in 2020!

The South Korean wave has taken the internet by storm. People are highly impressed by the K-pop tracks and their visually stunning music videos. The bands have broken many world records in the music industry and are gaining more followers than the American artists. But, have they surpassed the US celebrities in terms of social media followers? Watch the video below!  

  • Korean pop, popularly known as K-pop, is a genre of popular music which began in 1992.
  • The industry has propelled South Korea’s economy over the years, and has an estimated worth of $5 billion.
  • It has become a worldwide phenomenon, and is breaking chart records on a daily.
  • Twice, Blackpink and BTS are on the top 3!

K-pop groups have us all hooked to their melodious songs. Being a huge fan myself, I am guilty of  grooving to their amazing tracks all day long. Aren’t we all?

Fans keep up with their favorite artists and their new projects through their well informed social media. Below are most followed k pop bands on instagram!

3) Twice ( 15.5 million followers)

The 9 member girl group debuted in 2015, and has a net worth of 2.1 million dollars. With record breaking songs and millions of album sales, the girls are at the top of their game. They even made their Billboard 200 chart debut in June, 2020. However, the ‘Cheer Up’ singers have yet to make their mark in the US.

2) Blackpink ( 32.2 million followers)

The Blackpink girls posing for Elle magazine

Blackpink debuted in 2016, and soared to international fame in a short span of time. Lisa, Rose, Jennie and Jisoo have won hearts of millions by their immense talent and impeccable style. They are a source of inspiration for this generation and even have their own instagram accounts. Go follow these chic ladies to have a closer look into their lives.

3. BTS  ( 34 million followers)

Leading the Korean wave are the Bangtan Boys. The seven member band debuted in 2013, and is currently worth $100 million. With 4 chart topping albums in one year, and record breaking singles like ‘Dynamite’, they are currently the biggest superstars in the world. 

Army at the BTS concert waving their 'Army Bombs'

RM, V. Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, Jin, and J-Hope have the biggest, most loyal fanbase in the world, known as the ‘Army’. However, they have a long way to go as far as having the most instagram followers is concerned. The title is currently held by the 27-year-old singer, Ariana Grande. With the pace at which BTS’ fame is growing, it won’t take them long to accomplish this milestone. ARMY let’s make it happen!


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