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Top 3 dance covers by BTS!

The seven membered K-pop boy band, BTS is famous for its striking and powerful dance skills. Each member of the band dances so amazingly and their synchronization is of the next level. On different stages, Bangtan boys have covered the choreography of the songs of other groups. So would you like to see how they dance to the songs of other groups? Then scroll down to check out!   

  • BTS consisting of members, RM, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook has released their album 'BE' on November 20th.
  • The young, handsome and rich K-stars have an estimated net worth of $450 million.
  • Bangtan Soneyandon aka BTS hooks the fans' attention with their 4D visuals and fabulously hard choreography.
  • They are followed by more than 30 million followers on Twitter.

1-Rain's 'Rainism':

BTS posing for the camera on the promotion

BTS did the dance cover of the K-pop group Rain's song 'Rainism' back in 2017. The younger Bangtan looked so handsome in all-black as they rocked the show with their spectacular dance moves.

Jungkook being in the center led the dance break and showed full 'bad boys' vibes stealing the hearts of the fans, Army. *Laughs*

Especially Jungkook's moves with the stick in the end were very impressive. Wow, Jungkook how marvelous your dance skills are!  Check the dance cover down here!

2- SHINWA's 'Perfect Man':

BTS posing for the camera

BTS' powerful and smashing dance cover of the K-pop group Shinwa's song 'Perfect Man' was the headline of the show. The whole performance was a treat to see. Also, we can't stop from saying that Jimin's orange hair was the highlight of the dance break. The boy stole the show!

He set the stage on fire when he removed his jacket and started dancing in a half-sleeved black shirt. Check the performance and you won't disagree with us!


3-Kim Sung-Jae's 'As if I told you':

BTS posing for the camera

BTS did the dance cover for South Korean singer Kim Sung-Jae who was the member of the group Deux on MBC Music Festival back in 2016. The boys were wearing a baseball kit and showed their splendid dance moves.

V's cute hair flips with that huge glove was super cute while Jungkook's lower voice was a treat to the ears.

All the members looked super handsome in baseball uniforms and made our hearts melt with their cute yet highly charming visuals. You can check out the performance here.

What do you think about these dance covers? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below!


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