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The 3 best male dancers in K-pop!

It's a fact that one can't survive in the world of K-pop without excellent dancing skills. All the idols go through rigorous and challenging choreography practices in order to train themselves. In Ji Woong, a K-pop idol trainer has chosen three best male dancers in K-pop, and we are delighted to see the list. It must be really hard to pick three artists out of the pool of such amazing dancers. So scroll down to see who these dance champions are!  

  • 'In Ji Woong' is a K-pop Idol trainee as well as a YouTuber. He loves to talk about the dance skills of K-pop bands on his channel.
  • K-idols practice for about fourteen hours a day to improve their dance skills and stage aura.
  • The famous K-pop band BTS was trained for their dance skills for 2 years before their debut.

The Korean idol trainer, In Ji Woong went to his YouTube channel and did a thorough analysis of the K-pop idols' dance skills. He picked three of the most sensational Korean artists, and we can't agree enough with him! So, let's see if your favorite idols are in the list or not.

1. BTS' Jimin:

Jimin on shoot

Jimin is the member of BTS' dance line and has been surprising us with his striking dance moves since debut. Just like us, In Ji Woong, was all praise of his dance skills.

He said: (Jimin was) born to become a dancer.

Dancing is truly a gifted talent of Jimin. He dances so well that it seems like the boy has flexible bones. Bless yourself with his iconic dance performance on 'I Need You' at the Melon Music Awards here!

Jimin looking like a fairy while dancing on stage

The trainer further complimented him by saying,

His dance moves are well-structured and fluid too.

This makes Jimin an exceptional dancer and the number one in K-pop. We are so happy that he made it to the list and made us proud like he always does!

Jimin looking like an angel

He learned contemporary dance before debut due to which his father initially thought that he shouldn't go for an idol career. Ji Woong considers his training the reason behind his unmatched dance moves. Woah, that is super cool!

2. EXO's Kai:

Kai with his great aura on shoot

The 1994-born artist is the member of the K-pop group EXO and just like Jimin, belongs to the dance unit of the group. His powerful performances like the 'Love Shot' performance at KBS Music bank have always amazed us, and we love to see him getting recognized for it!

Have you checked out his smooth dance moves in his solo debut song? Check it out here!

Kai dancing on stage

To compliment the dance skills of Kai, the idol trainer said just one word,


Well, the lesser the words, the better the impact is! He explained that his fast dance moves are unparalleled while his slow moves have great smoothness.

Kai talking to his members

The shift in Kai's expression from cute to sensual makes him look even more masculine and the fans absolutely love it. He really is an amazing dancer. Each of his performance leaves the audience in an awe!

3. AOM's Jay Park:

Jay Park slaying the tatoo look

Jay Park is a member of US based boy group Art of Movement. He is a Korean by nationality and his group got famous due to his spectacular dancing skills and rapping abilities. Some of his evergreen songs are 'All the Way Up(K)', 'Me Like Yuh', and 'Drive (Feat GRAY)'.

Jay Park's iconic shot

In Ji Woong praised his dance skills by saying that the guy has an 'American aura' which makes him an unmatched dancer in K-pop. His tattoos and muscular body adds to his stage presence at which fans can't take their eyes away from him. Check out his power-packed dance moves at the AOMG concert here!

Jay Park dancing on stage

The trainer said,

There is no one like Jay Park in the K-pop.

We just can't disagree with him! Jay's moves are neither too robotic nor vague. 

According to you, what other K-pop dancers should have made to the list? Let us know in the comments down below and check out some amazing choreography clips of your favorite bands!

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