Jimin, J-Hope and Wonho

The 10 most hated male K-Pop idols

Are people seriously so negative to hate celebrities they don't even know? From big stars like J-Hope from BTS to Wonho from MONSTA X, male stars get a lot of negative comments from haters, but why exactly? Check out the list of 10 most hated male stars below!

10. J-Hope from BTS

J-Hope taking a selfie

J-Hope belongs to the biggest boy group in the world, but he is one of the most hated idols! Haters on Twitter make fun of his long face and big teeth. The star is called ‘horse boy’How cruel of them!

9. Jackson from GOT7

Jackson from GOT7

In 2017, Jackson uploaded a picture on Instagram of his dreadlocks. Fans from the black community accused him of cultural appropriation, and he responded agresively. The singer’s reaction hurt the feelings of his loving fans! Since then, he’s been labeled as ‘racist’. Read more about it here.

8. Taeyong from NCT

NCT 127 leader Taeyong

In 2019, NCT’s main dancer Taeyong was exposed as a bully by a former classmate. It was revealed that the star verbally and physically hurt kids around the school. Even after he apologized to the victims in person, Korean netizens refused to forgive him. Is his image is forever ruined? What do you think?

7. Jimin from BTS

Jimin for a photoshoot

In 2016, after the release of ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ the singer lost a lot of weight. The star put himself through a strict diet after receiving hate comments for being ‘too chubby’. Trolls told him to lose weight, so his body proportions could look better! What do you think about that reaction?

6. Wonho from MONSTA X

Wonho for a magazine

In December 2019, the main dancer of MONSTA X was kicked out of the group! Fans all over the world started throwing hate comments at Wonho when they found out he smoked weed before his debut. In an interview with Dispatch later, the star apologized for his wrongdoings. Read his apology here!

5. Hanbin from Ikon

Hanbin for a album teaser

Hanbin announced his departure from the boy group ‘Ikon’ in June 2019. The star faced a drug scandal and was pressured to leave ‘YG Entertainment’. A year later, after various investigations, he was cleared of all charges of drug possession. 

4. Seungri from Big Bang

Lee Seungri backstage

In 2019, Big Bang's singer Seungri was exposed for running a prostitution ring. His clients were mostly famous South Korean celebrities and businessmen. Read more about the scandal here!

3. Jay Park

Jay Park for a photoshoot

The Korean rapper has been called out by his fans multiple times. He has ignored all the concerns regarding controversial hairstyles such as cornrows and dreadlocks. His fans have turned against him portraying the fan as insensitive and ignorant. Does he seem arrogant to you?

2. Kang Daniel 

Kang Daniel teaser

In August 2019, Daniel was revealed to be dating TWICE’s leader Jihyo. The breakout of this news caused him to receive a lot of hate. Fans of the girl group made fun of his appearance and called him ‘too ugly to be in a relationship’. Too superficial, don't you agree? Everybody is beautiful in their own way!

1. Baekhyun from EXO

Baekhyun teaser for Candy

In 2014, a news outlet 'Dispatch' revealed that 'EXO' star Baekhyun was dating 'SNSD' singer Taeyeon. This caused fan bases of both groups to throw extreme hate towards the stars. The singer was called a 'cheater' and 'traitor' by his own fans. 


BTS for TIME magazine

I think people need to tone down the excessive hate related to a person’s physical appearance. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and no matter what you look like, what it matters is what you do for the others. What is your opinion about these stars? Leave your comment below!

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