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Top 10 most hated female idols in the K-Pop industry

The K-Pop industry is known to be one of the toughest platforms in the world. Female idols are criticized for every little thing they do. Irene is hated for being an introvert while Chuu is hated for smiling too much. Check out which 10 celebrities receive the most hate below!

  • Lisa is one of the most popular K-Pop idols worldwide and has a net worth of $10 million.
  • Jihyo is the leader of the K-Pop girl group ‘TWICE’, she debuted under ‘JYP Entertainment'.
  • The 20-year-old star named Lia from ‘ITZY’ received hate for stumbling on stage when she was unwell.

1. Irene from Red Velvet

Irene performing Power Up

Irene is one of the most popular idols to step foot in the K-Pop industry. In 2018, she received backlash for ‘being too short’ and not giving her number to co-worker Park Bogum. Irene is constantly mocked by the Korean media calling her an ‘Ice Queen’ for being an introvert. 

Irene for Rookie teasers

The star faced her first scandal in October 2020. It was a heated backstage argument with an outsourced stylist which led to her receiving death threats and halting all activities. The star admitted her mistake and apologized multiple times! Read her apology here.

The matter was clearly blown out of proportion. I think she deserves a second chance!

2. Lisa from Blackpink

Lisa at an award show

The youngest Thai member of the group gets criticism for not fitting Korean beauty standards. Hate comments left by Korean Netizens stated that her nose is too big and her facial features don’t blend well together. 

Many troll accounts on a site called ‘Pann’ petitioned for Lisa to leave the group. How can they be so shallow?

3. Wheein from Mamamoo 

Wheein for a photoshoot

In April 2018, the star uploaded a song called ‘Rainy Season’ for her fans to enjoy. Unfortunately, there was a scary typhoon emerging in South Korea and Japan the same day. Netizens were disappointed by her foolishness and told her to delete the post. 

Although Wheein apologized for being unaware, some comments were ruthlessly telling her to leave the group. Do you think they went too far?

4. Sowon from GFRIEND

Sowon for Mago

In January 2021, Sowon posted a controversial picture on the platform ‘Weverse’. The star posed lovingly with a Nazi soldier statue at ‘Zino’, a German-themed café in South Korea. She received backlash from fans all over the world. 

The singer deleted her post in February 2021, after understanding where she went wrong. Korean fans criticized her for being foolish and embarrassing them.

5. Joy from Red Velvet

Joy wearing a feminist shirt

Ever since Red Velvet’s debut in August 2014, Joy has been fat-shamed into losing her ‘baby fat’. In November 2020, she received hate comments for wearing a shirt that said ‘We should all be feminists.’

Similarly, in 2018 her bandmate Irene received backlash for reading a novel with feminist themes to the point where male fans burnt photos of the members. Both stars had to take a break from social media. What a silly reason to throw hate! 

6. Chuu from LOONA

Chuu in LA

The main vocalist of the K-Pop girl group ‘LOONA’ gets hated on for faking her personality! The singer is always smiling and cheering her fans on. Korean netizens speculated that it is impossible for anyone to be so positive all the time. 

Later, they started flooding YouTube videos with hate comments saying she lies about her true emotions. Watch the video here!

7. Lia from ITZY

Lia post on Instagram

The 20-year-old singer received loads of hate comments for tripping on stage. In December 2019, the star was also heavily criticized for messing up the choreography when she was sick. Netizens often comment on how her facial features are not admirable.

It’s a shame how common cyberbullying is in South Korea! 

8. Tiffany from Girls Generation

Tiffany for a magazine

In August 2016, Tiffany posted pictures of the Japanese and Rising Sun flag as a hint for her fans. The star only wanted her fans to guess where the ‘SMTOWN’ concert would be held. Due to Korea and Japan’s political tensions, she was heavily criticized. 

After apologizing she was banned from appearing on shows all over South Korea and went to the US to pursue music individually. Do you think it was a very extreme punishment? 

9. Jihyo from TWICE

Jihyo for LIKEY music video

The main vocalist has been fat-shamed by Knetz ever since her debut in 2015. Once a fan shoved her out of the way at an airport, causing her to burst into tears. Poor Jihyo! In 2019, she joined a female football team. 

Korean fans left negative reactions saying ‘sports is not for women’! Soon the singer left the sport and apologized. Trolls are so narrow-minded, don't you think?

10. Jimin from AOA

Jimin from AOA

In August 2020, Jimin was exposed as a bully by her bandmate Mina. The news went viral as Mina told the media how Jimin ‘made her life hell’ for 10 years. She also made fun of her for crying when her dad passed away. Korean netizens and fans of AOA rightfully left negative comments for the leader. 

The group has been inactive and Mina has been receiving therapy after an attempted suicide. I personally think Jimin should be banned from the music industry. 


Girls Generation from SM Entertainment

People forget that celebrities are human too. K-Pop labels market idols as perfect beings, there are many unrealistic expectations that follow. If women don't act positively at all times they get hated on.

The mindsets of many Korean netizens are very sexist. Male idols will be excused for harassment charges, but female idols face endless backlash for minor mistakes. It’s very unfair!

Do you know any other idols that are hated for no reason? Comment below!

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