J-Hope dancing in a grey suit

Top 10 iconic outfits of BTS's J-Hope

The 'Chicken Noodle soup' singer dazzles us in every video clip and in every performance. Over the years, J-Hope, the group's 'sunshine', has been known for his colorful style and unique stage presence. He can rock any outfit: from Dior jumpsuits to bright bucket hats. Watch the pictures below to check the most beautiful combinations he wore over the years!

  • The BTS member loves wearing brands like Chanel, Dior, and Versace.
  • J-Hope's outfits are often paired with harnesses to create a powerful aura.
  • Fans were amazed by his velvet jumpsuit from the 'Dynamite' dance break at Melon Music Awards 2020 and his performance in the music video of 'Butter'.

1. Dior: harness outfit

J-Hope in Dior

Remember this one from the 'Speak Yourself' tour in 2019? This soldier print Dior outfit with a black harness had fans screaming!

2. All white

Hobi in an all white outfit

Doesn't he look like an angel? Just look at that glow! No wonder he is called the 'sunshine' of the group.

3. Dior: red suit

Red Dior suit

How can we forget this suit from Hoseok's 'Just Dance' solo performance? The glasses add an extra charm. We are sure his killer visuals gave fans a heart attack!

4. All black

Hoseok in all-black

He looked so chic and mysterious in this all-black ensemble at the 5th muster concert. We cannot help but notice that neckline!

5. Lavender jacket

Chanel tweed jacket

Here is another angelic look. J-Hope shines so brightly in this Chanel tweed jacket and white shirt!

6. Rocking the denim

Denim jeans and jacket

One word: WOW! This one is definitely my favorite on this list. The harness and hairstyle, paired with that dark look in his eyes: too powerful to handle!

7. Pink bucket hat

J-Hope in a black and pink Chanel jacket

Just look at that smile! The Chanel jacket paired with a pink hat multiplies his bright and comfy aura. Yes, Hobi can make any color look charming!

8. Purple jumpsuit

Hoseok performing in a velvet jumpsuit

This one from the 'Dynamite' performance at Melon Music Awards 2020 brings out his inner Michael Jackson! The velvet suit and hat go so well with his sleek and smooth moves!

9. Silk shirt

Silk shirt with golden details

He is going gold in this one! The white, black, and golden details by Versace are perfect to create a majestic aura on stage.

10. All blue

J-Hope wearing an all-blue suit

Did Hobi come down from the heavens? He shines so brightly in this blue suit. Now we are sure that he rocks tinted glasses and monotone outfits!

Hobi has certainly become a fashion icon for fans all over the world. His visuals in BTS recent comeback are mind-blowing too!

Check out the meaning behind his single 'Blue Side' below!

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