This open letter from a fan to Jungkook will make you cry!

Through his artistic capabilities, the 23-year-old BTS singer, Jungkook, has positively affected many lives. From gaining the love of his admirers to giving it back via his music, Kookie has won our hearts. Read below to see what a member of the Indian Army has written for her favorite BTS singer, Jungkook!

  • Jeon Jungkook, aka. Kookie, was born on September 1, 1997. 
  • The 5’10” tall singer is estimated to have a net worth of $20 million.
  • Jungkook released a solo song in 2020 titled, Still with you.
Jungkook posing during a photoshoot

When you idolize someone, you make a special place for them in your heart. Each day you get to learn something new from them that helps you cope up with your pain better. Well, this is what Reena Rawat from India wrote in her open letter to Jungkook. 

Kookie performing live at one of BTS's concert.

Thanking him for helping her get through some hard times in her life, Reena appreciated the singer's voice for calming her down when she was at her lowest. 'You are the definition of 'PERFECTION' for me. You are the best, and the great thing happened to me, kookie', she added. I wish someone would say that about me someday!

Jungkook on the set of BTS's music video, Euphoria. Source: redbubble

She wrote, ’You don't know kookie how much you matter to us(ARMY). KOOKIE YOU'RE THE COZ OF MY(million people's) EUPHORIA’. Rawat wished that she could meet him once, even though she thinks it is never going to happen. Okay, no! I am ready to sign a petition to make sure Renna gets to meet Jungkook at least once in her lifetime. 

Cover of BTS's third album, Love Yourself.

Well, BTS did mention that they want to visit India, so yeah, fingers crossed! She ends the note thanking the band for teaching her to love herself. The letter is so sweet; I am crying. Hold on! Let me grab some tissues real quick. 

BTS boys posing for the camera. Source: redbubble.

This one letter shows how much influence do these boys have on their fans. They are helping people heal and grow, making sure that they get to be a better version of themselves. Thank you, Bangtan Boys, especially Jungkook! If you were to write a letter to the boys, what will you tell them?

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