BTS' RM at the Grammys BTS' RM at the Grammys

This is the reason why BTS' RM doesn't want to have children anymore

The leader of BTS RM doesn't want to be a father like he used to. Why does he chage his mind?  

While BTS is on their way to conquer the world with music, the members are sharing a little bit of their daily personal lifes. ARMY is constantly paying attention to all the platforms they use to communicate. Weverse, Instagram, Youtube or Twitter, there is always a surprise for the fans.

Just after their concert in Las Vegas, RM decided to spend some time on live broadcast to have a chat with the public. Of course he gave us too much information to process; He doesn't want to be a father anymore! We are telling you why.

The reason RM doesn't want to have kids

On April 8th BTS performed at the Allegiant Stadium for their Permission To Dance On Stage show. On the first day of the 4 concerts in Las Vegas, the K-Pop group did rock the stage. For the members it is a tradition to have a talk with the fans through live broadcast.

RM on Vlive / By @btsargento

This time was RM the one to use Vlive to answer some ARMY questions. In the middle of the conversation he gave shocking news. He readed out the message of a fan asking how many kids he would like to have. Then the rapper said:

I used to want to have kids so bad, but now... not so much

The idol continued explaining why:

When I think about a kid who is like me...
Since I was not a very nice kid to my mom,
so I don't like that idea.

Previously, RM has said in interviews he would like to be a dad. On the other hand, the group have declared one day they could be "BTS papas" or even "BTS grandfathers". Apparently because of his childhood memories he has changed his mind.

BTS for Radio Disney / By @kookiesroll

We are sure RM is a great son and he would be an amazing father. What do you think about it, ARMY?

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