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This is BTS' secret key for their perfect performance at the GRAMMYs 2022

BTS rocked the stage of the 64th Grammys ceremony. Their choreographer has revealed how the Idols achieve the perfection for this performance.

On April 3th was the 64th GRAMMYs ceremony. As it was expected the night was full of great shows, however, there was a particular performance that left the whole world jaw dropped. Yes, exactly, we are talking about BTS.

The Idols performed a special version of Butter. It was inspired by the spy concept. They were wearing black head to toe, no one could deny how good looking they were.

The songs by itself it's awesome but the choreography of that night was on another level. We already know they are talented dancers nevertheless, the pressicion, synchronization and vibes of the members gain the standing ovation of the audience.

BTS performing at the Grammys / By @sweetkthland

A few weeks later, we are here talking again about this amazing performance. This time BTS choreographer shared the behind story. Do you want to know what he said?

BTS get the perfection thanks to their mutual trust

For a Weverse magazine interview, Son Sung Deuk, choreographer of BTS explained how the members worked for the Butter performance at the GRAMMYs. Despite the members just having one day to practice it all together, they achieved a perfect show.

According to the choreographer this happened thanks to the trust and faith they have in each other. They had not too much time, but they didn't doubted of the abilities of the group. BTS overcomes the problems by having in mind how good their teamwork is.

The others had no doubt about the two members' capabilities, despite the lack of practice time.

Jungkook and J-Hope were in lockdown because of their positive result of COVID-19. So they only practice one day before the show. However, Jungkook was the chosen one to use the wire in the performance. The Idol already had experience using it.

Jungkook at the GRAMMYs / @JK_Peru

About J-Hope the choreographer said he is the one who created the mood during practices and at the same time he can realize if they need to try one more time to arrange some details. Son Sung Deuk added:

When J-Hope was able to rejoin the group for rehearsal at the GRAMMYs venue, he made sure that the others kept their focus while practicing.

Their teamwork is so good! What do you think about it?

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