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This 15-year-old just made the most amazing cover of BTS!

There's another great dancer in K-Pop, and he is only 15 years old! Niki from Enhypen was known for his dance way before he debuted. The Japanese artist did a cover of Jimin's song 'Lie'. The cover video already has 1.7 million views on YouTube! Want to find out why fans think it's the best cover of 'Lie' so far? Read along to find the answer yourself!

  • Nishimura Riki, also known as Niki, was praised by J-Hope of BTS for his dance when he visited the I-Land. He must be on another level to be praised by J-Hope.
  • Born on 9 December 2005, Niki is the youngest idol in any K-Pop group by debuting at the age of 14! 
  • Niki is a dance prodigy because he can learn any choreography in 10 minutes! 
  • Check out his cover of Jimin's 'Lie' below!
Niki during an interview at I-Land

The youngest member of the new boy group Enhypen under Big Hit and Belift Lab has taken our breaths away with his incredible dance moves. He can master any choreography in no time. The artist first trained for 8 months and then made it to the survival show I-Land.

His popularity got him more than a million votes and made his dream a reality by debuting under Enhypen. The young singer has already gained popularity for his dance from I-Land, but he has only grown better since. Niki showed off his incredible moves at the 2020 NYEL stage with a solo performance.

His performance probably got Enhypen more fans. Check it out here

The 5'11" tall singer uploaded a cover of Jimin's Lie, and if not better, it is equally good! He sure did justice to the song. Niki danced with a focus on delivering it as Jimin's song. The dancer added his own energetic touch while keeping the choreography original. We cannot get enough of this cover!

Tweets about Niki's performance

Niki got a lot of love for keeping the original element and incorporated his own style at the same time. Executing that at such a young age requires a lot of talent. Niki sure has all the talent in the world. We now know there's more competition for dancers in K-Pop groups. 

Niki's powerful execution of a challenging choreography is making us curious about what else he's got. He certainly did a great job with the cover. Check out his performance for Enhypen's debut song 'Given-Taken' below!


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