V and Jimin sharing a sweet moment on stage

These cute moments between V and Jimin will melt your heart!

Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung are the dynamic duo of Bangtan Sonyeondan. In fact, the two are each other’s soulmates. They share an adorable bond that the fans just can’t get enough of. Here’s our pick for the top ‘Vmin’ moments that will make you envy their friendship!

  • Despite being the youngest, Jimin and Tae are the most popular members of BTS. Their fancams are the most watched videos on YouTube with more than 100 million views.
  • While Jimin is the shortest member in the group with a height of 5’8”, V stands tall at 5’10”.
  • The two have composed a song together called ‘Friends’ to commemorate their bond.

Tae’s letter to Jimin

V and Jimin sharing a sweet moment on stage

In season 2 of BTS’ reality show ‘Bon Voyage,’ the members were asked to write letters to each other. Things got emotional when V read out his piece of writing. He expressed how grateful he was to have a loving and thoughtful friend like Jimin.

Jimin adorably hugging V

He further talked about how Jimin had been there for him through thick and thin. Tears started pouring down V’s face after he was done reading the letter. His heartfelt note made us all cry along with him. You can watch the full video here to experience the emotions yourself.

Jimin’s special tweet

V and Jimin holding hands

Back in 2014, Jimin posted an adorable picture of him and Taehyung holding hands. Can we talk about the difference in the size of their hands? Anyways, he captioned the post as ‘Let’s keep going for a long time because I only have you’.

Didn’t that just melt your heart because it surely melted mine? When talking about ‘Vmin’ moments this tweet deserves an honorary mention. This shows how special they are to each other.


V and Jimin posing for a unit shoot

These moments prove that V and Jimin are more than just bandmates. They were only a bunch of 17-year-olds when they debuted for BTS’ company 'Big Hit Entertainment'. Idols are made to live in dorms, away from their homes, therefore, they became each other’s family.

The best duo of BTS, V and Jimin

We hope that the two continue to be soulmates and inspire their fans through their deep bond. For more wholesome ‘Vmin’ content click the video below!

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