These are the BTS members' personality types

These are the BTS members' personality types

Pretty much everyone around the globe has taken the MBTI personality test at least once. The results are often scarily accurate in describing one's character. Keep on reading below to see which personality the BTS members are.

  • Each BTS member has been given at least one nickname by their fandom which is called 'A.R.M.Y'
  • Joonie (RM) Worldwide Handsome (Jin), Lil Meow Meow (Suga), Hobi (J-Hope), Mochi (Jimin), Tae (V), Kookie (Jungkook)

Whether you're an outgoing person who loves social mingling, someone introverted who rather keeps to themselves or simply just a shy person in general, they all have one thing in common: They can say a lot about ones own personality. BTS are the world's most successful boy group of our generation, and their unique personalities are just as amazing.

RM and V - ENFP

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Even though ENFP's are very outgoing people who enjoy the company of other people, they're extraverted, which means that they can do both: Be quiet if the situation calls for it, and be talkative when they feel they're in good company. RM often shows this trait during interviews, especially the ones where the host actually cares about what they have to say. V on the other hand is a very open-minded person who can make friends with anyone. ENFP's tend to be distracted, which fits as V is often in his own world.

Jimin - ENFJ

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People with this personality type are similar to the above-mentioned ENFP's. They love being around other people. However, ENFJ's are also described as 'Intense' which seems to fit Jimin whose stage presence has intimidated fans before. Yet they're charismatic as well. Fans speak of the 'Jimin-effect' who seems to make even the straightest of dudes thirst for him.

Jungkook - ISFJ

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The traits that accompany this personality are loyalty, enthusiasm, hard work, patience, humility and shyness. Jungkook fits all of these perfectly. He's always working hard to please his fans (remember his birthday live where he composed a song from an ARMY's lyrics?!), he is very patient and never seems to be irritated in the slightest even after a long day of practice. He has stayed humble even after BTS became a sensation nationally and internationally. Furthermore, he's shy which you can observe during interviews especially where he rather lets his co-members do the talking. However, Jungkook is open-minded and enthusiastic when it comes to fun challenges and so on.

Suga and Jin - INTP

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According to 'Koreaboo' and 'allkpop', these two seemingly different people share the same personality type. Jin is an 'Out-of-the-box' thinker, meaning he comes up with things no one has thought of before. Best example would be the 'RUN BTS' episodes where he won over 47% of the games, which is nearly half of the winnings. He's unique when it comes to his worldly views and does things his own way. Suga may seem like the more introverted type, but he, also, shares these traits: He's very observant and notices even the smallest of details. He has a unique view on his profession as a musician, but also tends to overthink things a lot. Traits going with this personality type are curious, open-minded, objective, perfectionist and insensitive. Literally all of these fit Suga. He usually surprises interviewers with his quick-witted thinking and unique sense of humor. Suga may seem insensitive when it comes to his co-members, but he's a highly sensitive person in reality who's just bad at expressing his feelings.

J-Hope - ESFJ


People with this personality are extroverted and draw their energy from social interactions. It's like J-Hope invented this trait. He's good at connecting with others and is very popular (which he was even back in high school). You can tell how much he enjoys being with his co-members during any kind of activity or event. He also immediately brightens the mood whenever he enters a room or laughs at one of Jungkook's 'Rrrrrap Monstaaaaa' jokes.

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