SEVENTEEN albums that are out of print SEVENTEEN albums that are out of print

These SEVENTEEN albums are out of print, do you have them on your collection?

Some SEVENTEEN albums are not easy to get since there are limited copies, which albums are out of print?

K-Pop fans tend to collect a lot of merch from their favorite bands, and albums are essential for their shelves, did you know that there are some CDs from SEVENTEEN that are out of print?

SEVENTEEN is one of the most successful K-Pop groups, their popularity is not a joke and we can see how much its idols have grown throught the years; not only on followers and age, they keep working hard on their talents and themselves to show the best for the fans.

CARAT is the big fandom that show its love and support for SVT and its members, and some of the fans have been with the band since the very begining, even before their debut since they had their reality '17TV' while they were still training on Pledis Entertainment.

And something that CARAT does is collect, like every fandom, this one buys and gets everything from their favorite band and there's a lot of merch we can see, like photocards, photobooks, shirts, cardigans, and of course albums. CDs and Kinhos with every song from the band.

But did you know that SEVENTEEN discountinued the production of some of its albums? These ones are hard to get and their photocards tend to be more expensive.

Which SEVENTEEN albums are out of print?

Some SEVENTEEN albums are harder to get, some are expensive and it's not easy for fans to seel them, these ones cannot be bought on stores since they are out of print, and sometimes Pledis would reprint some of them but it takes its time and a lot of those are not avalable. If you are starting with your collection, then it's better if you know which CDs and photocards will be hard to put on your K-Pop collection.

Here's the list of SVT's albums that are out of print:

Some SEVENTEEN albums are out of print | Twitter: @fijiwaterisnice

 It's harder for collectors to get photocards from these albums, and some of them are really expensive since there's no production at all for them; fans also find that when a CD is reissued, the photocards are different fron the original ones.

Where can you buy some of these SEVENTEEN albums?

Sometimes, on pages likes Mercari Japan or GMarket some fans tend to sell their old albums from SEVENTEEN, some of them will be just the CD and photobook; Twitter  is another platform where you can find some of these SVT's albums that CARAT wants to sell, since they are out of stock on official stores.

You can find some of the old SEVENTEEN albums on sale | Twitter: @_leeyoonbuys

Now you know it, some SEVETEEN albums on your collection might be worthier since some of them are out of print.

Get to know more about SEVENTEEN, and if you haven't support them until now, then listen these 3 songs that will make you fall in love with them. 

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