BTS V during concert smiling at fans

These 3 live performances by V will blow your mind away!

What makes V the best singer in K-Pop? The handsome idol has a velvety voice that makes fans go wild! V is one of the very few brilliant singers who can do musical note changes easily! BTS really has the best vocalists in the entire industry! Watch below to see all the times V has done impossible note changes!

  • V was born in Daegu on December 30, 1995. 
  • Taehyung is one of the four singers of BTS and is known for his deep voice!
  • The 25-year-old idol has writing credits in 8 of BTS’ songs.

1. Idol 

BTS V looking adorable with blonde and pink hair

Anyone who watched this performance live was extremely lucky! Performed during their Love Yourself World Tour, was one of the most phenomenal songs ever! Did you notice the way he switched from a high note to such a low range?

Watch the video here!

Are you hyped after watching the video, because I’m jumping out of my seat! I cannot even imagine standing so close to V as he sings!

2. Home

BTS V in expensive red robe


The word ‘mi casa’ is not the same anymore after listening to V growling at it! Combined with his deadly expressions, I’m sure you must be swooning. 

BTS singer Taehyung dressed handsomely

3. Stigma

BTS V dressed like a prince

V’s first solo song from the album ‘ LY: Tear’ is Stigma. The song is a masterpiece and so is the performance. The powerful vocals can be seen at his high notes! What a cultural reset!

Have you seen anyone more ethereal? 

BTS V in blue hair looking ethereal

Taehyung has a magnificent vocal range, and he knows it! ARMYs love the way he makes every song even more beautiful than before with his voice! What do you think about his angelic voice? Let us know in the comments below.


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