These 3 K-Pop idols have struggled with their mental health

These 3 K-Pop idols have struggled with their mental health

The topic of mental health has never been more present than it is these days. That the K-Pop music industry is hard has also never been a secret. Many idols have struggled - and are still struggling - with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and more. Keep reading below to see which idols have struggled with mental illnesses at some point during their careers.

  • South Korea has the fourth highest suicide rate in the world (28.6 per 100,000 citizens)
  • Talking about or seeking help for mental illnesses is still a taboo topic in South Korea
  • The Coronavirus pandemic has increased the number of suicides on a drastic scale

While talking about mental health is still a not-much-talked-about topic in South Korea, many K-Pop idols have revealed druing interviews that they have struggled with mental illness at some point in their career.

BIGBANG - G-Dragon


The leader of the iconic K-Pop group BIGBANG revealed how much of a toll the 2009 plagiarism scandal took on him. After posting a bleak-looking photo on Instagram in 2017, many fans were worried about the rapper. He later confessed that he had been struggling with depression. Someone who has been in the South Korean entertainment industry since the age of eight shouldn't be struggling alone in the dark.

That's when psychological issues come into play. I'm not sure how many of you feel, but sometimes I feel the pressure of G-Dragon weighing me down.

Girls' Generation - Taeyeon


On June 16, 2019, Taeyeon of Girls' Generation replied to fan questions on her stories. When answering questions with simple replies like 'Yes' and 'No', one fan rudely asked if she had bipolar disorder, ending the question with a nonchalant 'Tsk'. Taeyeon explained that she's suffering from depression and is working hard to get better through treatment and medication. She mentioned that,

You shouldn't comment on other people's struggles like that because they're all


Taeyeon's little Q&A is a perfect example of people making speculations even when they clearly not know how mental illness can affect a person's mood and personality.



Even someone as successful and famous as Suga from BTS isn't immune to the bleak and seemingly inescapable feeling of depression. In an interview with 'Rolling Stone' the rapper revealed that he had been struggling with depression, OCD and social anxiety when he was a teenager and that at the beginning of BTS's rise to fame, he still had problems with depression at times. He says that he's on good ground now, but these feelings come and go.

Suga shares that his parents haven't always been as supportive of his decision to become a rapper. They're one generation apart and never understood what rap was, not to mention that being a musician is an unstable profession to begin with. The 28-year-old mentioned that getting all that positive feedback from his fans makes him happy and makes him feel positive. That's what helps him to keep going and writing songs.

I’m relaxed now and standing good, but those kinds of unfavorable feelings appear and take off. So it’s nearly like a cold temperature. It may appear back in a process over a year, year and a half.

Yoongi also dealt with chronic shoulder pain over several years before getting surgery in November 2020. The injury happened because of an accident. Suga wants to raise more awareness on mental health and says that these problems shouldn't be concealed but adressed and communicated.

Please remember that just because someone seems fine on the outside, you never know what that person is going through on the inside. Mental health can endanger people's lives. That's why you should educate yourself on mental illnesses and how to react to them accordingly.

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