BTS RM's dimples BTS RM's dimples

The10 K-pop idols with the most adorable dimples

Dimples are one of the most attractive facial features. They make us look cute and pacific right?  RM from BTS and Lay from EXO are two of the many idols who are blessed with them. We've come up with a list of the top 10 male K-pop idols whose dimpled smiles will surely make your day! Check them out below.

  • Every K-pop fan knows idols like Chanyeol and RM because of their dimples.
  • Singers like Jinu have dimples and youthful faces, and they look younger!

10) Choi Siwon from Super Junior

Siwon showing his dimples in a recent Instagram post

Super Junior has been active for more than 15 years, so at this point, Siwon's dimples are as famous as he is. This idol-actor with 8.1 million Instagram followers has charmed both K-pop and K-drama fans with his smile!

9) Jinu from WINNER

Jinu smiling in the music video of WINNER's song 'Island'

The oldest member of WINNER has a baby face that looks even more charming when he reveals his dimples. This 29-year-old has deep cheek dimples. Jinu’s swoon-worthy smile wins fans instantly!

8) Byungchan from VICTON

Byungchan posted a picture showing his dimples on Instagram

Did you know every member of the band VICTON has dimples? We think Byungchan’s dimples are especially cute. Take a look at his deep dimples, and you'll definitely agree with us.

7) RM from BTS

RM smiling at 'The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Epilogue' concert in 2016

Everyone knows about RM's dimples. This rapper can go from being a formidable performer on-stage to the most adorable man as soon as he smiles. He even gets around 2.7 million likes when he uploads pictures smiling on Twitter. We’re wondering if BTS’ song ‘Dimple’ is about RM because his dimples are definitely cute!

6) Soobin from Tomorrow X Together (TXT)

A fan took this picture of Soobin smiling at a fansign event

TXT's leader is already charming with his fluffy hair and endearing eyes. And when he smiles, he melts everyone’s hearts with his dimples. Soobin uploads a lot of pictures on Twitter. He got 51.6 thousand retweets on a recent post. 

5) Chanyeol from EXO

Chanyeol smiling behind-the-scenes of EXO's 'Obsession' performance on SBS Inkigayo in 2019

Chanyeol instantly becomes cute when he smiles. The idol is one of the most followed K-pop stars on Instagram, with 23.3 million followers. Our hearts are beating faster now because his smile is as bright as the sun!

4) Jaehyun from NCT

Jaehyun talking to fans at an NCT 127 concert

Somehow, instead of making him cuter, Jaehyun’s dimples make him look even more handsome.  But we have no problem with that. We could look at him smiling all day long!

3) San from ATEEZ

San's dimples popping out during a live broadcast

San’s sharp, angular face and eyes make him look just a little scary when he’s performing. But then he starts smiling and all you can see is sunshine and rainbows. His dimples make him even more irresistible.

2) Lay from EXO

Lay's dimples spotted in a photo taken by a fan at Hangzhou Chaumet event in May 2021 

We’re convinced that when Lay smiles, the whole world stops and stares. He steals hearts left and right with his talent, and his dimples. Anyone who's seen him smiling would want to find reasons to make him smile again and again.

1) Jooheon from MONSTA X

Jooheon smiling after a performance

What is it with rappers having the cutest dimples? Jooheon looks intimidating when he’s dominating the stage with his intense rap verses. We think he looks absolutely endearing.

These idols have dimples so cute that we’re convinced they’re meant to smile their whole lives. We hope they can always keep smiling like this. Do you think we missed anyone? Let us know in the comments! And if you liked this article, you’ll definitely love this video:

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