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The worst scandal in the BTS history revealed!

The global boy-band is known for its pure reputation, but some members have hidden secrets! Seokjin, the oldest member; has faced the brunt of the band’s worst scandal! Keep reading to find out how a condom spurred fan fury across Twitter! 

  • BTS is a seven member boy-band from South Korea.
  • Kim Seokjin is the oldest BTS singer at 29-years-old. 
  • The singer's hit song 'Abyss' has helped increase his net worth to  $20 million!
Jin with a rose in his mouth

It all started from a seemingly innocent picture of Jin showing off a home-cooked meal. However, eagle-eyed fans quickly spotted a mysterious package behind the singer. 

Jin's scandalous condom picture

The king-sized condom package resulted in furious fans questioning why Jin had such a taboo object in his room! Jin was criticized strongly by fans, and it even affected the ‘War of Hormone’ promotions.

King-sized condom found in Jin's room

Some fans tried to cover up the incident by saying that the packet was chocolate and not condoms. However, it was not possible as a zoomed in picture clearly showed the condoms. 

Chocolates that fans found in Jin's room

Interestingly, Big Hit came forward and apologized to fans about the condoms in Jin’s room. They claimed that it was a gift from an over-zealous fan! The fan must truly love Jin!

King-sized condoms

After the fans calmed down, it has become a hilarious joke within the fandom. Fans are letting their imaginations run wild while thinking about the sexual gift. We can’t help but think of his well-endowed assets. 

Fans comparing sizes with Jin's condom

Jin sure has a lot to explain to fans about the size of the condom. We can’t say much, but his partner will surely be a lucky girl. What do you think of Jin’s scandalous past? Let us known in the comments below. 

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