Giselle from Aespa.

The video that proves that Giselle deserves more notoriety in Aespa

Giselle is the main rapper of the new K-Pop group Aespa but fans of the band complain that she doesn't get the attention she deserves. Scroll down, and you will see the video that proves the MY's are right when they ask for more recognition for Giselle.  

  • Uchinaga Eri is a 20-year-old Japanese singer and the only girl from Sm Entertainment's girl group to have become an idol after passing an open audition for the company.
  • Before Aespa's debut, on November 17th, Giselle was the target of rumors that pointed to her as a girl with a dark past of substance abuse and was even accused of being a bully. 
  • Although nothing could be proven, perhaps this bad press is the cause that the Aespa rapper does not have as much notoriety as her other three bandmates.
Giselle from Aespa.

Giselle is the only Aespa member who speaks three languages fluently.

The “Black Mamba” singer studied at a prestigious bilingual institution in Tokyo called “Sacred Heart” and there she trained vocally in the school choir where she sang as an alto.

Several photos we have seen of the artist's pre-debut suggest that Giselle underwent plastic surgery to refine her face and also the training and strict diet that aspiring idols in entertainment companies undergo has caused her to lose several pounds, which has also affected her physical appearance.

Beyond all the rumors surrounding Uchinaga, her talent is undeniable.

What Aespa fans find strange is that having passed the difficult auditions on Saturdays for Lee Soo Man's company.

She is also the one with the least time in SM before becoming an idol,  only 11 months!

Giselle has so few vocal parts and is not getting the same attention as Karina, Ning Ning or Winter.

Aespa after a live performance.

The reason for the My complaints stem from an incident that occurred after Aespa's concert at the SBS Daegu Song Festival.

Apparently two outlets published articles about the idols and made the mistake of blurring Giselle's face as if she were part of the staff.

Despite Asia Today apologizing for the incident, fans are still upset by such actions.

The pictures where Giselle got her faced blurred.

The truth is that we have found a pre-debut video of the 20-year-old singer that demonstrates two things.

One of them is that her physical appearance has not changed as much as some point out and the other is that her voice is incredible.

Giselle was encouraged to cover Pleasure P, the American R&B singer with “Did You Wrong”.

Uchinaga's vocals and the way she reaches the notes leave no doubt that she deserves her place at Aespa and that she has a bright future ahead of her.

Watch the video and tell us your opinion.

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