The unique relationship of Jin and his adorable pets

Usually celebrities share their pet dog or cat with fans but K-pop idol Jin from BTS is by far one of the most original ones. The singer even dedicated a song for his furry companions and plays with them in a funny way. Watch the video below!

  • 27-year-old Jin is the oldest member of K-pop band BTS.
  • Kim Seokjin was born on December 4, 1992, and stands at 5'10''.
  • He currently has one pet that lives with his parents.

Special bond


The release of Jin's song 'Tonight' revealed to ARMYs how much he misses his pets. The fandom is familiar with the singer's love for sugar gliders, having had 3 of his own. His first two sugar gliders were gifted to him by his parents that he named Odeng and Eomuk.

How cute!

Jin with the adorable Odeng. Source: Jin via Twitter

His sugar gliders lived with him in the BTS dorms initially until his schedule became too busy for him to have high-maintenance pets. Fans couldn't help but be delighted by the cute animals when they were shown for the first time in BTS Comeback Show - DNA.

Happy memories


Unfortunately, Eomuk passed away in 2018, after which another glider named Ggukmul was brought to keep Odeng company. A height accident in 2019 took Odeng away from the singer.

Jin feeding Eomuk in his room. Source: BTS Comeback Show

ARMYs were touched to see Jin's longing for his beloved pets in his song 'Tonight', we hope he always remembers Odeng and Eomuk with happy memories and makes even better ones with Ggukmul!


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