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The truth behind K-pop singers ban on social media

It seems incredible to think of a single person in the world who does not have social media. In fact, there are thousands of K-pop idols who are not authorized by their companies to maintain real and close contact with their fans through social platforms. Read on to find out why these artists cannot use their cell phones freely.  

  • K-pop is such a big industry in Korea and Asia in general that even the government invests in the mass production of idols who will guide the attention of millions of fans to their territories.
  • This is actually a marketing strategy that is used in all countries but with different products. While Italy sells fashion, France has the best wines in the world. The countries have trademarks that make them attractive to tourists and fans.
  • In the case of Korea, young idols have been its showcase to the whole world for more than two decades.

Entertainment companies direct their idols in every way

BTS sharing their Christmas celebration with the fans.

This is why the public image of singers and dancers of the genre is so cared for by entertainment companies that put strict clauses on their artists concerning their freedom to go out with other people, marry, have children, change their image, wear tattoos and also have social media. It has been said many times that idols cannot have smartphones, but this is not the case. The reality is that they cannot have accounts on social platforms.

Why members can't have personal social media accounts?

Ning Ning from Aespa using her cell phone.

For multiple reasons, one of them is the fact that each artist would have a different number of followers according to their popularity in the band. For example, we know that Momo is one of the most popular members of Twice and therefore she would have a lot of difference from her peers, thus breaking the group's homogeneity. On the other hand, this would help companies to measure the profitability of launching a solo work of some members of certain bands.

Another reason is the risk that involves the free will in the publication of photos and public messages without being filtered first.

Blackpink girls are Samsung ambassadors.

It is known that all the photos and videos of TikTok and Istagram made by bands like Blackpink, BTS and Aespa, have passed the filter of their corresponding companies and in fact, are designed by them and directed to serve a specific purpose among fans.

This in fact is something that makes the situation less natural.

While all the publications we see are highly pleasing to the eye and the ear, we know deep down that it is nothing more than a fantasy and not the personality of our favorite artists.

Finally, another reason why the great K-pop artists are not allowed to post freely is the fact that many of them have contracts with smartphone brands such as Samsung or Apple and therefore if they were to be seen publicly with a cell phone from another brand, this could cause a breach of contract and would lead to legal problems with the big companies.


Twice members as a screen wallpaper.

Personally, I think that all these restrictions affect artists in the long run, and in fact we often see them have certain problems of anxiety or extreme fatigue that lead them to have to take a break to be able to move on.I firmly believe that the productivity of workers is closely linked to their freedom of movement and decision. Besides that, authenticity will always be more attractive to the public. The truth is that this formula that large companies such as JYP and SM Entertainment use with their artists has proven to be a resounding success among the masses, so we must conclude that in practice these measures of idol control are positive for the groups.

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