The truth behind BTS singer RM's superintelligence

ARMYs know the BTS leader RM to be known as the smartest in the group, and in the nation too! Other than being an amazing songwriter and a talented rapper, before being an idol, the 26-year-old was popular for his intelligence. More on this below!

  • RM, born as Kim Namjoon, has a net worth of $20 million being the leader of BTS!
  • He's 5'11'' and was born on 12th September 1994.
  • When he was in high school, his IQ turned out to be 148 which is very rare!
BTS appearing at Mnet's Yaman TV. Source: Soompi

During an interview with Yaman TV, the rapper revealed that his IQ result in the second year of high school turned out to be 148, which accounts as the top 0.1% globally.

Since Koreans stress on their education and grades highly, ARMYs were surprised to find out that the leader was in the top 1.3% for South Korean preparatory exams for university!

Namjoon reading a book backstage. Source: bangtannoonas

If the leader hadn't pursued his dreams, he still would be living a financially stable life judging by his intellect, he disclosed his TOEIC score to the public, which is 900! Usually a score above 800 is considered good and any institute recognizes an average of 900 or above to be an extremely high standard!

When RM was featured in a few episodes of the South Korean show 'Problematic Men', he was able to answer all riddles and tricky questions without a sweat. The mind of a genius!

BTS RM with Problematic Men cast members. Source: Elle Korea

We're so proud of our smart leader, and we hope he keeps giving ARMYs wise advice and learns to stop overthinking and worrying so much! Listen to his song 'Forever Rain' below:

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