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The top 5 performances of BTS in 2020!

Ever wondered why BTS is so famous? Just watch their performances! The 7 member group from South Korea showed us what performing means even during a pandemic. They've put out some of the best performances this year. The band rented a whole stadium for their MAMA performance at the Grand Central Terminal, and even rented a palace. Want a review of the top 5 performances of BTS this year? Look no further and read along!

  • With a net worth of $450, the band replicated the set of 'the Late Late Show with James Corden' for their 'Dynamite' performance.
  • The group has more than 31 million followers on Twitter and was able to conduct 2 online concerts in the year 2020. 'Map of the Soul ON:E' was viewed from 191 countries. 
  • The 23-year-old Jungkook became the most searched K-Pop artist according to Google in 2020.

1. New Year's Rockin' Eve 2020

BTS at NYRE 2020, source: Getty Images

BTS started the year with their incredible performance at Times Square, New York. The boys performed 'Boy With Luv' and 'Make it Right'. Do you remember the cute moment when Jimin's jacket was stuck on his head? This performance was just a teaser of how grand BTS' performances would be in the year ahead.

Watch the performance here

2. Grand Central Terminal

BTS after performing at the Grand Central Terminal

BTS is the biggest hit in America! They showed their powerful 'ON' performance at the Grand Central Terminal, and we still haven't recovered from that performance. The band, choreography, and vocals were all on point. Get blown away by the performance here.

3.Gyeongbokgung Palace

BTS wearing Hanbok in front of Gyeongbokgung Palace

BTS members are kings, and they need a palace for their performance.  For the 'Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon' they performed 'Mikrokosmos', 'Idol', and 'Dynamite' at this ancient Palace in Seoul, South Korea. The boys performed in traditional Korean clothes called 'Hanbok'.

Jungkook stole the show with his cute ponytail and exposed chest. Check it out here.

4. The Late Late Show with James Corden

BTS posing for the Late Late Show with James Corden

If you can't travel, then bring your destination home. That's what BTS did for their 'Dynamite' performance. They didn't just rent an airplane but also made an exact copy of James' set for their performance. The boys and their team always outdo themselves. Obviously, Baby Mochi took over Papa Mochi's seat!

Watch it on James' YouTube here. 

5. MAMA 2020

BTS posing with Suga's picture after their ON performance

The boys ended the year with their incredible performance at MAMA 2020. They rented the Seoul World Cup Stadium for their performance. They started with the powerful 'ON' performance in their white princely attire. This was followed by 'Dynamite' where V stole the show in his red suit.

They ended with 'Life Goes On' along with a virtual version of Suga.  Enjoy the performance here.

In case you are still wondering why you need to be BTS' fan, watch their comforting song 'Life Goes On' below!

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