The surprising story of RM's dog

The cutest white fur friend is the only dog RM owns. He has given it a name that intrigues the listeners and everyone wants to know the story behind it. So we have specially brought you this article where we’ll tell you the secret behind Kim Nam-Joon dog’s name. Scroll down and find out more!  

  • Kim Namjoon adapted his stage name Rap Monster but later changed it to RM because he thought that the former name no longer represented him or his work.
  • All BTS members own a pet dog or cat and Yeontan, Taehyung’s dog, is the oldest part of the group. 
  • The male Eskimo was first introduced to the ARMY in 2013 through a Twitter post.

Why he named his dog Rapmon?

Kim Namjoon owns a dog named Rapmon

That’s a very strange and unusual name. You must not have heard people naming their dogs like so but the K-Pop singers do what others don’t. The name Namjoon gave his dog is supposedly derived from the singer’s former stage name Rap Monster which is now abbreviated to RM. Rapmon is a unique name and actually depicts how much Kim loved his dog that he literally gave him his own name!

The dog’s breed

The K-pop singer owns an adorable white American Eskimo

The white snow like beauty is a male American Eskimo and it is the only pet Namjoon owns. Rapmon lives with RM’s family. Since he’s always on the go, he can’t look after his dog all the time. Safe to say, the doggo still has a lot of people around that love him and pay attention to his silly acts. 

The dog lives with Namjoon's family

Though the singer and Rapmon have long been separated, Namjoon still loves him as much and keeps uploading his photos and videos whenever he visits his hometown. The best thing about owning a dog is that no matter how far you two are, they always remember you!

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