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The surprising revelation of Jungkook's giant eye tattoo

Are you ready to see the giant eye tattoo on your favorite K-pop idol's arm? You have probably seen it through the censored photos, but now it's out in the open. So, no more blurry pictures of his body art because the 5'10" tall artist has himself shown it completely! Scroll down to take a look and appreciate his beautiful arm tattoos.

  • He has the BTS debut datenames of members and the ARMY (BTS fans) tattooed on his right hand.
  • The lead vocalist of the band got tattoos in September 2019.
  • He has 18 tattoos starting from his fingers till the shoulder. 
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On January 19th, 2021, BTS appeared on their variety web-series, 'RUN BTS'. The band had to do a cooking challenge with Baek Jong-won, the celebrity South Korean Chef. While preparing the food, the youngest member of the band rolled up his right sleeve to get comfortable. But it made our jaws drop as we clearly saw his strong tattoo-ed arm!

Jungkook showing his arm tattoos

Though we all are aware that he has tattoos on his full right arm, but one thing caught everyone's attention. What was it? It was his red eye tattoo which has never been on screen. Let's take a look at it!

Jungkook's gorgeous tattoos
Jungkook's tattoos

Woah, it looks super cool! Although, we have gotten glimpses of his tattoos before but due to South Korea's rules of censoring the ink, we never really saw it properly. But in this RUN BTS episode, he came confident and revealed it all for the fans.

Jungkook, the most handsome

Some other revealed tattoos of the 23-years-old singer are: Tiger flower(his birth flower), microphone, skeleton hand, black stripes and a crown. Out of all his spectacular tattoos, this eye one is our favorite. Let's see what the fans have to say!

Fans' reaction to Jungkook's tattoos
Fans' reaction to Jungkook's tattoos
Fans' reaction to Jungkook's tattoos

How can they stay silent at it? They are showing their overflowing emotions by sharing hilarious memes and tweets. Well, who can disagree with them? Jungkook gave us a mini heart attack, but we are loving it, aren't we?

Jungkook from 'Wings' era

We are mesmerized to see his body art! It is making him look more manly and attractive. We love the fact that Jungkook is comfortable showing his tattoos on screen, and he is getting all the love he deserves for it. He was once praised for his tattoos in a live session with fans which made him extremely shy!

Let's wait for the time he reveals his other tattoos too. Till then let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below and check out the video to see his red eye tattoo!

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