twice girls having fun while posing for the camera twice girls having fun while posing for the camera

The surprising real names of TWICE (K-Pop) members

Did you know Sana's real name is Minatozaki Sana, which means a beautiful gaze and brilliance? Just like her, the other Twice members also have a hidden real name. Scroll down to find the real names of these divas!

  • TWICE as a group has a net worth of $35 million and is one of the richest bands in South Korea.
  • When Jungyeon was young, she failed the JYP audition. She gave the performance again and won the IVY star award. So, she continued to work with JYP. 
  • Their debut 'EP The Story Begins' debuted at no. 15 of Billboard's World Albums

1) Sana 

Sana posing for the camera

Sana is one of the Japanese vocalists in the band. While the actress is loved as Sana worldwide, she has a not-so-famous real name. Her birth name is Minatozaki Sana. It is a Muslim name that means brilliance and beautiful sight. What is the meaning of your name?

2) Tzuyu

Tzuyu rocking a magenta dress

Tzuyu is a sub-dancer and lead vocalist in Twice. She is a Taiwanese singer who is currently in South Korea. Her real name is Chou Tzuyu. Her name means careful and beautifulWe just love the meaning of her name!

3) Momo

Momo is all smiles for the camera

The third member is Momo. She is a Japanese singer, rapper, and dancer based in South Korea. Her real name is Hirai Momo. The name has a historical touch and means 'hundred' or 'peach.' Do you think it is because she has 100 reasons to love her?

4) Nayeon

Nayeon posing for the camera

Nayeon is the fourth member of the famous girl band. She is one of the vocalists and the oldest member of the band. Her real name is In Na-Yeon. The name shows that she is elegant and graceful.

5) Mina

Mina posig for camera in white clothes

Mina is the fifth member of the K-POP band. She is one of the vocalists and an amazing dancer that the group has. Her real name is Mina Sharon Myio. Mina in the Persian language means a type of flower found in Iran, which is similar to a rose. Such a meaningful name!

6) Jeoungyeon 

Jeongyeon posing for the camera wearing a bright top

Jeongyeon is the sixth member of Twice. She is the lead vocalist of the band, and one of the superb dancers. Her real name is Yoo Jeong-Yeon. The name Jeongyeon is of Korean origin and means loyal flower.Did you also confuse her name with Jungkook? Well, we did!

7) Jihyo

Jihyo posing for the camera

Jihyo is the seventh member of the girl group. She is one of the main vocalists and dancers of the band. Her real name is Park Ji-Hyo. Some claim that her name means a microphone. The name seems quite familiar to Jisoo from Blackpink.

8) Dahyun

Dahyun posing for the camera

Dahyun is the eighth member of the club. She is the main rapper of the band and is loved greatly by everyone. Her real name is Kim Dah Hyun which means hyper. Do you think she is?

9) Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung posing for the camera

Chaeyoung is the last member of Twice who was born in Seoul, South Korea. She is also one of the main rappers of the band. Her real name is Son Chae-Young. Chae-young is a Korean feminine given name.

We were totally shocked to see the real names of the TWICE girls. Did you find out your Korean spellings yet? We are on our way to know ours! Scroll down to read more about these divas!

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