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The surprising favorite food of Jin from BTS

Hint: he can eat ten of his favorite food in one sitting! The handsome singer is known for eating a lot. Combined with a quick metabolism and a true love for food, Jin is a true foodie. The idol even owns a restaurant with his brother, but what is the favorite food of this iconic singer? Scroll below to find out!

  • BTS' oldest and most caring member, Jin is twenty-eight years old. 
  • Jin loves food a lot, and has starred in his own series called EatJin where he reviewed all sorts of foods. 
  • He has a net worth of $20 million, and he spends most of it on food and games, especially Maple Story
BTS Jin eating traditional korean food

Known for his eating show, EatJin, Jin has always shown his appreciation for good food. Fans love watching him eat because of the way he enjoys his food. 

BTS singer Jin eating in a hotel

Not only does he love eating, but Jin is also a great chef. He can cook everything from sushi to pizzas. The singer often makes dinner for his younger teammates. 

Idol Seokjin cooking for variety show

Now, to answer the question, Jin’s favorite food is lobster! During the shooting of 'Summer Package 2018'  the idol ate ten lobsters all alone

BTS singer Jin eating lobster

He seems to love all seafood. The singer told fans that during the lockdown he ate sashimi almost every day. We love a man who appreciates his food

Jin eating burger

Looking at Jin eating made us hungry too! What is your favorite food? Let us know in the comments below. 

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