The superpowers BTS members wish to have!

Have you ever wondered if BTS members have superpowers? Well, fans are convinced that each of the seven members should have unique superpowers. V should have the power to heal any wound, Suga should have the ability to control the mind, and Jimin being able to manipulate anyone. Fans want Jungkook to have ultra speed and strength, Jhope to be able to release electric zaps when dancing, Jin to release sonic waves, and Namjoon should have the power to see things in slow motion. Continue reading to find out the details regarding these superpowers!  

  • BTS is a South-Korean pop band comprising seven members 
  • The band debuted in 2013 with their hit single ‘No More Dream’ 
  • The K-pop band has risen to fame across borders and is now the biggest boy band in the world 
  • Fans believe that it’s time for BTS members to have superpowers!
Jin screaming 

Which superpower do you think Jin should have? Well, fans of the boy band think that a superpower called The Lejindary suits Jin! This is a superpower that releases loud sonic waves which are strong enough to destroy anything that comes in its path. 


As for the second-eldest member of the group Suga, fans think he should have the superpower of a telepathy. This superpower enables the possessor to control anyone’s mind and to read it as well. 


For Jhope, fans think the power to release electric zaps when dancing suits the rapper. He is known for his powerful dance skills and these electric zaps go really well with his dancing personality!

Namjoon is known among the fans as being very clumsy. From loosing his AirPods to breaking delicate things, the leader of the boy band is dubbed as the God of destruction. Fans really want him to have a superpower which enables him to see things in a slow motion. As a result, he would be able to avoid breaking many things!

For Jimin, fans think he should have the superpower of being able to manipulate just anyone! He can use this superpower for good or for bad, that’s for him to decide. But knowing Jimin, I am sure he will use it to bring peace and love to this world!

V’s superpower is the most obvious one: healing! He already does it so well with his music, no? Fans think that V should have the superpower that can heal any wound and bring peace to any mind. If he had this power, I am pretty sure the world would have been a much more beautiful place to be in. V would just go around healing everyone he possibly could. 

Lastly, Jungkook! Any guesses about his superpower? Fans call it super speed and super strength! Given his incredible stamina, this superpower suits him the most. How will he use it? Well, travelling the world and meeting every fan he could!


I would love to witness V having the superpower to heal the world. His music already does the job but if he actually had this superpower, I am sure he would quit singing. Our young idol would just travel around, healing every possible soul he could. Which member’s superpower did you like the most?


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