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The story behind the BTS most famous fan, the 'No Pants Girl'

Since K-Pop was born, fans have been the main characters of the most incredible stories. We are always digging for funny encounters our favorite idols have had with fans. Today we bring you one of the strangest incidents where an obsessive fan went a little overboard following the BTS boys. Let's also discover why was she named ‘No Pants Girl’ by the followers!  

  • Fans who obsessively follow their idols are called sasaengs. They may get involved in illegal activities to get attention from their favorite celebrities. 
  • BTS has a massive following of 34 million on Twitter alone. 
  • The band has an estimated worth of 50 million dollars according to Forbes report 2020.

Who is the famous K-Pop 'No pants girl'?

Clear photo of the No Pants Girl

The boy band has a massive following all over the world which calls for more crazy fans, or you can say more sasaengs who can go beyond limits to get noticed. In January 2020, a girl kept following the boy from airport to airport, flight to flight, until they reached their destination at Incheon International Airport.

No Pants Girl following BTS boys

She then followed the group closely, pretending to be one of the team members. However, one of the vigilant security guard quickly recognized the unfamiliar face and pushed her away from the boys.

BTS has a massive fan following

Since her name was unknown while fans were also agonized by her behavior, they named her “No Pants Girl” because she was seemingly wearing no pants. However, some fans argue that she was wearing hot pants. Followers claim the reason she wore short bottoms was also because she wanted to get noticed. 

BTS for Festa Album 2021

On a lighter note, Incheon’s weather on that day was somewhere between 3 and six degrees Celsius. Just wondering how did her naked legs survive the cold. Even my nose gives up every time I go out in winters no matter how much clothing I am in! 

Upon insistance of loyal fans the sasaeng has been black-listed and Big Hit Entertainment claims that the girl wouldn’t be allowed in future concerts and public events involving the BTS boys. 
To conclude, I wish people would understand that such behavior only brings them a bad impression from their idols. Rather than imprinting an unworthy image of yourself in their mind, fans should rather focus on becoming someone they remember for good. 

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