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The story behind BTS' staff funny scandal

As a part of the group's educational series called 'Learn Korean with BTS' the staff made a terrible mistake that went viral. Fans were quick enough to discover and make it a trend. Scroll down to continue reading about the incident!

  • With a following of more than 31 million people on Twitter and a net worth of $450 million, the members of the band need to keep their image out of any problems.
  • The staff maintains a cute and soft image among their fans and avoid controversies.
  • They learned from the past. In 2014, they released the song, 'War of Hormones' which used highly explicit language, and they received backlash.
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Since 2020, BTS has started an educative series for their fans where they teach Korean language to them by explaining the words and phrases from their existing videos.

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With K-pop's rising familiarity, who wouldn't like to learn Korean and that too from their favorite idols? According to their regular posting schedule for this series, they released a video on Weverse on January 6th, 2021. The notification for the video excited everyone but upon finding out the title, the fans got shocked. It was titled as "[Bon BORAge] EP 10. We ate delicious hoe". 

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Everybody started complaining about the explicit language and several staff members were fired over the incident. Over the years, BTS has educated their fans about love, toxicity, psychology and philosophy through their music. Was this intentional in order to hurt their image?

BTS posing for the camera

The answer is, No. It was a mistake by the staff. Basically, 'hoe' is a Korean word that means 'raw fish'.  But in English, it translates to two different words, a green tool and an immoral pleasure seeker. 

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Thankfully, the staff realized it and changed the title to 'We ate delicious Hwe (Korean Raw Fish)'. What would your reaction be? Let us know in the comments below and check out the video to learn Korean from your beloved band!

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