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The sleeping positions of BTS members, revealed by Suga!

During a signing event, a fan asked Suga to draw the sleeping positions of the six band members. As he drew them, everyone was surprised by how well he knows the other band members! From Jimin’s curled up sleeping position to V cuddling a pillow, we fell in love with all members’ sleeping postures! Continue reading to find out what these positions are!

  • BTS debuted in 2013 with their hit single ‘No More Dream’ 
  • The members of the band have been with each other since 2010 and have become best friends!
  • Suga, the second-eldest member of the group, is very close to all the other members!

Suga, the second-fastest rapper in K-pop, is not only an amazing musician but also a really close friend to all his band members. When he was asked to draw the sleeping positions of the other BTS members, Suga did it in no time! To show RM’s sleeping position, Suga drew him as hiding under his blanket with only his head visible. Jin loves to sleep with one of his hands tucked under his head and that’s how Suga drew his sleeping position. 

Suga couldn’t draw Jhope’s sleeping position because he sleeps in a very weird manner! But who can get annoyed at Jhope for sleeping like that when he looks so cute? My favorite sleeping position is that of V! He sleeps while cuddling a pillow and Suga’s doodle for V’s sleeping position was on point!

The most strange sleeping position is that of Jungkook. He sleeps with his legs crossed and the upper body expanded like a carpet. Also, Jungkook loves to use towels as pillows when sleeping. Jimin has the same sleeping position as Suga’s. He likes to sleep with his legs curled up! How adorable? 


BTS sleeping 

I love V’s sleeping position. Knowing how much V loves warmth and comfort, it is no surprise that he loves to cuddle pillows while sleeping. Which of the members sleeping position can you relate to?


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