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The shocking reason why V from BTS used to cry during trainee days

Do you know who are the most important people to V? His friends! The singer is a very social person and during his trainee days he had to struggle with bonding. His attachment came with a high cost of emotional pain. Continue reading to find out how V coped with his emotions!  

  • V became a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment in 2010.
  • He used to live in the dorms assigned to trainees where he met other BTS members like Jimin.
V of BTS crying 

The life of a K-pop idol trainee is very hard. Not only they have to train several hours per day, but they also form emotional attachments to people they later have to say goodbye to. V being an emotional person found this aspect of his trainee life to be difficult. He would start crying as soon as any of the trainees left the dorms.

V and Jungkook

However, as time passed V got used to this phase of his trainee life. His routine? V would shake their hands and praise their hard work. He soon learned to control his emotions and stopped crying whenever a trainee friend left him, but not without any help.

V and Jimin

He went to several psychologist sessions where he managed to cope with his emotions.

There is one trainee friend who never left V! Any guesses? It’s Jimin! He is V’s best friend since elementary school. The two came to Seoul in 2010 and met at the dorms of Big Hit Entertainment. They would go to school together, and then spent time at night talking to each other. Perhaps this is why Jimin has become V’s closest friend. During a Bon Voyage episode, V wrote a heartfelt letter to Jimin saying:

"To Jimin, Jiminaah, hi. Writing you this sincere letter is making me cringe but I am trying to go on. Please understand. Since our trainee days, we came to Seoul without a clue. We woke up, put on uniforms and attended the same school. We ate together, went to practice and got back to the dorm. Then we'd talk at night. After such six years, you're now my dearest friend. Before our debut, you once got anxious about it. At the time, I had a company meeting. They asked me what I'd think if Jimin is on the team. I thought it over and said that you're there when I'm up or down, the only one who laughed and cried with me. I said that I'd like such a good friend to debut with me as a team."



Saying goodbye to your friends is one of the hardest things in the world. No wonder V used to cry at those moments! We are glad he found a best friend in Jimin and they both share a strong friendship. 

Listen to V and Jimin’s song called ‘Friends’:

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