Lisa Manoban smiling in 2021 Lisa Manoban smiling in 2021

The shocking reason why Lisa Manoban changed her real name

The 24-year-old K-pop rapper is the youngest member of the world's biggest girl group, Blackpink. The whole world knows her by the name of Lisa Manoban, however, this is not the name she got when she was born. So what was her real name and why did she change it? Scroll down to find out!

  • The 'How you like that' singer was born in Thailand in 1997.
  • Due to her great fashion sense, she has modeled for top brands such as CHANEL, Prada, CELINE, etc.
  • The Instagram profile of the 5'6" tall rapper is 'lalalalisa_m' and she has 55 million followers on the platform.
  • Her new single 'What's my name' is trending worldwide after she shared a song spoiler of her new solo debut. 
Lisa in her iconic black hair

'Lisa' is her stage name

Lisa looking pretty in red lipstick

Lisa debuted with YG Entertainment in August 2016 when she was only nineteen years old. But with the support of her kind group members, she handled all the fame and limelight smartly. For her stage name, she went with 'Lisa'. We love that she kept it similar to her real name.


Lisa from 'Ice Cream' music video

The cute K-pop idol has been given multiple nicknames by the fans such as Lala, Lizzy, and Lili that are similar to her stage name. Moreover, she is known by the name of 'Thai Goddess' because of her Thai ethnicity and gorgeous visuals. Which nickname do you use to call Lisa?

Real Name

Lisa at the Incheon Airport

When Lisa was born on March 27th, 1997, her parents gave her the name 'Pranpriya Manoban'. 'Pranpriya' is a Thai name combined from two words, 'Praan' meaning soul and 'Priya' meaning beloved.

Lisa looking pretty in floral accessories from 'Ice Cream' music video

This name truly complemented her amazing personality. However, her parents changed this name to 'Lalisa Manoban' later. 'Lalisa' means one who is praised. She is definitely praised by the whole world due to her talent and heavenly looks. But why did her parents change her name?

The reason behind changing the name

Lisa looking gorgeous as 'Mac' ambassador

When Lisa was growing up as 'Pranpriya Manoban', a fortune-teller in Thailand told her parents that this name will bring bad luck to her in the future. So, to save their daughter from any bad luck, they changed her name.

Lisa showing her bright smile

In Thailand, it is quite common that people change their names upon the advice of fortune-tellers, so it was not odd for her. But we love her name 'Lalisa' as it truly matches her cute and positive energy. 

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below and check out some never-known facts about your favorite idol, Lisa Manoban!

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